The True History of Millstone Babies

Having mastered fake news, now the media are trying out a little fake history.

In the news business, new topics are always popping up, from the Logan Act and the emoluments clause to North Korea. The all-star panels rush to Wikipedia, so they can pretend to be experts on things they knew nothing about an hour earlier.

Such is the case today with “anchor babies” and “birthright citizenship.” People who know zilch about the history of the 14th Amendment are pontificating magnificently and completely falsely on the issue du jour.

If you’d like to be the smartest person at your next cocktail party by knowing the truth about the 14th Amendment, this is the column for you!

Of course the president can end the citizenship of “anchor babies” by executive order — for the simple reason that no Supreme Court or U.S. Congress has ever conferred such a right.

It’s just something everyone believes to be true.

How could anyone — even a not-very-bright person — imagine that granting citizenship to the children of illegal aliens is actually in our Constitution?

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7 Responses to The True History of Millstone Babies

  1. Don Curton says:

    Damn straight.

  2. SgtBob says:

    Teach this in the schools! Oh. Sorry. I forgot what year it is and who’s running the schools.

  3. Butch says:

    Oh My God!!! THE INDIAN CITIZENSHIP LAW OF 1924 needs to be amended to designate only the FEATHER Indians are citizens, not just some DOT INDIAN who got off a plane with a H1B visa and pregnant.

  4. DAN III says:

    USC, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5….only a natural born citizen is eligible for POTUS ! “Natural born” being a child born in the United States, of two AMERICAN parents. So, how did we get the unconstitutional barry barack soetoro obama as POTUS ? How did the Canadian Ted Cruz become eligible to run for POTUS ? Or the Cuban Marco Rubio ? Or the latest anchor baby usurper of the CONstitution….Kamala Harris ?

    Hell, just look at the 30,000+ time “….shall not be infringed” has been usurped !

    The CONstitution, as is the Republic, is long dead.

  5. anonymous says:

    Babies born to current American citizens are granted citizenship to America, their native country. The same courtesy should be given to illegal aliens having children citizenship to THEIR NATIVE COUNTRY.

    How dare we appropriate their culture from them – where is Greta when you need her ?

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