Then somebody stuck a fork in it and got the government involved

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  1. wtfamisupposedtodoforausername says:

    100 years later and I can tell you that my toaster doesn’t make my toast look as good as the one in the picture. But then I can do two at a time .. so ….

  2. censusdesignatedplace says:

    I think I see the Virgin Mary.

  3. Bright Eyes says:

    I have seen and used old ones but not that old. You could only do one side at a time. Cook open it and flip the bread and cook the other side.

  4. Ed says:

    My Aunt Ruth in Montgomery used to cook for a bunch of kids and did toast in the oven. She could do a dozen at a time. Different, but good.

    BTW, the pic is obviously not of bread toasted in that particular toaster..way too evenly browned for such a contraption.

    • Mark says:

      Over the years I’ve had a few toasters die on me, and in those occasions, I use the oven to toast bread until I get a chance to replace the toaster. The oven toasts much more evenly, but can’t match the convenience of a toaster.

  5. Stevie says:

    A work of art. I remember a two sided version in the 1960s you had to watch carefully as to when to flip sides and all, but way more palpable than the beeping fucking computer toaster I put up with these days, for not much longer. May go back to the bachelor technique of bending a coat hanger and suspending it above a coil heater on the stove kind of method thing, also ready for hot knifes, eh, wot? Just remember, if you are making toast, there better be bacon, too.

  6. John h says:

    The only way Mom would fix cinnamon toast was in the oven on broil ! It was awesome!!
    John h

  7. Butch says:

    The toaster we use today, I bought new in about 1982. I just keep it clean (of crumbs) and be gentle with the “down” lever.

  8. geoffcsaltine says:

    I want one.
    We still use our camping toaster .

  9. harrysteele says:

    One of the handiest kitchen appliances ever is a countertop convection oven, one big enough for 6 slices, it bakes, broils, toasts, etc……….

  10. Fjord says:

    That is a thing of beauty.
    Made before the obvious planned obsolescence of our economy.

  11. Rooster says:

    Old appliances never die….they just end up on my counter for the wife to bitch about. My favorite is an ebay find pressure cooker complete with manual. 1906 and the fucker still works.

  12. mostly cajun says:

    Best way to toast is a cast-iron griddle on top of the stove. Lube it up with butter., toss a couple of slices of bread, wait, flip, re-butter.

  13. “The Universal toaster model E9410 was patented in 1929. Fondly called the “Sweetheart,” the toaster had a feminine appeal with its earring-like handles, diamond-shaped body, and floral and arabesque decoration.”

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