What a great picture

A “one-of-a-kind” tintype photo of notorious Old West outlaw Billy the Kid playing cards with his gang is going under the hammer with a reported $1 million price tag.

The photo from 1877 — only the second confirmed image of the wanted gunslinger, who was also known as William H. Bonney — shows the 18-year-old seated with Richard Brewer, Fred Waite and Henry Brown.

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8 Responses to What a great picture

  1. chutes magoo says:

    There be Men sittin at that table!

  2. snuffy says:

    I thought there were 3 confirmed, the well known posed photo of Billy in a hat, with his rifle, the one with him playing croquet, and then this one.

  3. BrassG says:

    Ugly sumbitch, wasn’t he?

  4. Sanders says:

    I was able to tour the ghost town of Shakespeare, NM just yesterday. It is privately owned, but tours are available if you call ahead – or, if you get lucky like I did and the owner comes out to see you when you pull up to the gate.

    Anyway, Billy the Kid washed dishes at the hotel when he was 12 (or 15?) because he was too young to get a job at the mines, and had just escaped the Silver City jail by climbing up the chimney, and needed to earn some money to continue on to Arizona.

    They had a picture of Johnny Ringo as a security guard for one of the mines.

    It is also said that Curly Bill Brocius died in the basement of the General store, there. That Wyatt Earp didn’t kill him, but they kept it a secret lest his enemies come find him.

    Anyway, a lot of history passed through that town. Living in New Mexico, you are always running into places where “Billy the Kid did _____ here”.

  5. BillDave says:

    Billy the Kid, did not die at the hands of Pat Garrett Pat killed a helping hand. A secret deal was made and Billy moved to Hico,TX. Tried to come forward in the 1930.s, but politicians wanted that that history buried.

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