About those ISIS prisoners in Syria . . .

A while back, I noted that with the Kurdish rapprochement with the Syrian government, the ISIS/ISIL prisoners held by the former were very likely to be handed over to, or captured by, Syrian forces; and they could expect little mercy if they were.

Well, guess what?

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13 Responses to About those ISIS prisoners in Syria . . .

  1. My heart bleeds for them… pass the stuffing.

  2. bradoplata says:

    Not our circus. We have militaristic cartel Mexicans to worry about.

  3. nonncom says:

    Any person convicted of an act of terrorism should be taken out back and shot immediately….no sense in wasting any more oxygen….the guy in London who stabbed those people was a released terrorist…..WTF is wrong with people….

    • Berglander says:

      The guy in London did the world a favor by killing a traitorous faggot who welcomed refugees. Talk about an ironic death for a cuck…

  4. NITZAKHON says:

    As Peter pointed out, there will be innocents caught up in this. Regretful. How could one possibly tell them from the guilty?

    As to them, and their brides… sharks have to eat too.

    • anonymous says:

      And so do hogs. Wouldn’t it be ironic to be a Muslim, knowing your remains would be fed the the pigs and you end up as pig shit. You think that knowledge would give the would-be from maybe choosing another life style choice ?

  5. Rurik says:

    This is the practice of their “Faith”. In happier times they burned their prisoners in cages. The only idea worse than sparing those critters is electing one to Congress.

  6. crazyeighter says:

    Assad is turning “jihadists” into “good jihadists”.

  7. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Let’s not be too concerned with what Assad does or doesn’t do. It’s none of our business and never was. AND he did NOT gas his own people. I’d like to root out the origin of that entire scenario and bring those guilty of lying to justice. That little mistake cost us at least 70 million in wasted missiles.

  8. Gryphon says:

    Other articles I’ve seen about this (in non-‘western’ media) have implied that Syrian Citizens (Kurds or otherwise) who have Surrendered are being given a chance to resume their loyalty to the Government. Those that are the foreign fighters (ISIS, whatever) are the ones being Killed, either at point of capture or after ‘trial’. This is what ANY government that wins against an ‘insurgency’ will do. Including the FUSSA. Keep that in mind for later.

  9. rightwingterrorist says:

    There’s a problem with this?
    As mentioned above, not our circus, not our monkeys.

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