Another “Aw fuck” moment in time

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  1. crazyeighter says:

    In this situation, trees are magnetically attracted to the newest/best paid-for car.

  2. Tim in AK says:

    I wanna see the stump.
    Did mother nature take a shit on them, or is that the result of some wanna-be timber faller telling his wife “No, I got this, we don’t need to call a professional tree faller”?

  3. even worse, tornados automatically aim for trailerparks in North Carolina.

  4. BrassG says:

    Better the car than the house. During Hurricane Ike, an 80-ft pine tree fell on our bedroom. Fortunately, we were in the living room at the time. That was a mess that took months to clean up.

    Afterwards my wife said, and I quote, “I want every fucking pine tree within 100 feet of the fucking house GONE.” Said and done.

  5. KurtP says:

    You need to take a look at questionable trees when you park.
    I had a Post Oak shed a limb on the Silverado.
    $5000 in insurance money for a new roof, back drivers door and windshield.
    Now all three trucks are parked about 50 yards from the house.

  6. Trumpeter says:

    Look, next year’s firewood. And we don’t have to go out to get it this year.

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