Big Brother – Vehicle Edition

Earlier this month, I pointed out that “If you allow “smart” devices to listen to you non-stop, you’re crazy”. That article examined the security risks of allowing smart devices into your home, because you had no idea what they were listening to and/or recording.

Now comes news that your car is almost certainly spying on you just as hard, if not harder. Please watch the short video below; or, if you prefer, read the report about the investigation. Both are mind-blowing in their implications for our security.

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8 Responses to Big Brother – Vehicle Edition

  1. SgtBob says:

    Many determined some years ago we don’t need to be leery of Big Brother Government as much as Big Brother Business.

  2. The Rev. says:

    The only way you are getting a non-smart car/truck is search for a pre-1978 vehicle, and even then, some of the high end jobs still had some sort of computer running the engine…analog yes, but dumb unless the info was manually downloaded.
    Look for a naturally aspirated vehicle: carb, points/rotor and plugs, old style tar&coil ignition coil. The old American based Motorola made a great electronic conversion that eliminated the points and rotor that did nothing but spark the plugs and had no memory. They are long gone now; shame.
    Big Brother is watching, always, and the sheeple let it happen; in fact, they demanded it. Convenience, simplicity and “Ooooh, Shiny” are the new religion.
    If you find such a vehicle, also find yourself a good mechanic, or learn how to wrench your own vehicle. Oh, and look out for your brothers and sisters and they will look out for you.

  3. grayman says:

    Rev pre 2005 cars and trucks are fit for that purpose, they do not collect or share data!!!

  4. Bert says:

    You can bet your sweet ass the insurance mafia has paid big bucks to access the data about driving habits. Next time you get a premium increase and the company or agent cannot/will not explain why then chances are the have some data about you that they feel warrants a higher premium.

    Several years ago I closed two unused credit cards; that action lowered my credit score just a little bit but enough to send me into the next lower bracket-raised my motorcycle premium. I actually got what appeared to be an honest explanation from a guy at Progressive-always wondered when the company fired him and walked him out without even letting him clean out his desk drawer.

  5. Michael says:

    Cash for Clunkers (thanks, Dubya) looks a bit more sinister in the light of this article. How many non-tracking but functional vehicles were destroyed in that Charlie Foxtrot?

  6. Bob says:

    Hahaha I can’t even listen to the radio in my 57 till the tubes warm up. I know that it’s not listing to me.

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