Big deal, that asshole dog Jack can do that

Two repellent manufacturing companies have discovered a man whose farts can kill mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are known for causing malaria, the number cause of death in Africa.

Joe Rwamirama, 48, from Kampala, Uganda, is said to be making huge cash from his unique and deadly farts that kill mosquitoes instantly, according to talkofnaija.cpm.

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10 Responses to Big deal, that asshole dog Jack can do that

  1. Trib says:

    The UN is planning to outlaw FARTS. Cows, Buffaloes, humans. FARTS cause global warming. Malaria kills humans. Vaccine humans to stop FARTS.

  2. Bert says:

    Can you imagine what Hillary and Nancy could do with this concept?

  3. Bad_Brad says:

    If you eats some of my Three Bean Slow Burn Chili you can kill most things that fly.

  4. Elmo says:

    Jack’s farts can kill mosquitoes?

  5. Stevie says:

    Gene Gene made a machine…
    Joe Joe made it go…
    Art Art let a Fart….
    And blew the whole damn thing apart

  6. skipperdaddy says:

    I’d rather get malaria then smell that fuckers farts. The body odor of most africans is enough to choke a billygoat.

  7. Leonard Jones says:

    I used to work with a guy who could set off the H2S alarms in an oil refinery. Walking
    into the batrhoom at the shop behind Big Dude was known to induce gagging and
    vomiting. In my prime, I could foul 4 lanes at a bowling alley with a walking fart, but
    Big Dude could have stunk up the entire place!

  8. The Rat Fink says:

    At first I thought this wuz gonna be an Eric Swalwell story…

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