Biosecurity and Keeping Rodent Activity At A Minimum

Exactly what is biosecurity? It’s one of those words that gets’ thrown around a lot these days, but many people are still unsure exactly what it means.

Biosecurity is a set of preventative measures put into place to prevent transmission of diseases/infections to your chickens. In its basic form, it is a set of safeguards to protect you and your flock from external diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

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2 Responses to Biosecurity and Keeping Rodent Activity At A Minimum

  1. jayesouthworth says:

    “She is the perfect rat catcher!”

    Yes she is! We took in a feral cat 4 years ago. Poor thang was skinny so we started feeding her. We’ve got her tamed and she loves us. So much so, that she brings us rats, decapitates them on our doorstep and leaves them. We named her Jihaddie.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Does she give you the “Well, are you gonna eat that or not” look when she brings you a treat?

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