Citizen Revolt: Resist Refugee Resettlement Dumps

USA – -( Should U.S. citizens have input into whether their neighborhoods are fundamentally and permanently transformed into United Nations refugee camps full of welfare dependents and tax burdens?

Government-funded charities that profit mightily from the federal refugee resettlement program say: “Hell, no!”

But President Donald Trump and growing numbers of informed Americans across the heartland are raising their voices to say: “Heavens, yes!”

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4 Responses to Citizen Revolt: Resist Refugee Resettlement Dumps

  1. Bert says:

    The architects of this type of sanctioned invasion are no different than a bunch of whores turning tricks for the money. The cancer runs wide and it runs deep. We are almost to the point of no return. Hoping each and every player in the subversion personally has an unfortunate diversity experience with an invader; would love to have a collage of all their reactions after LE and the courts tell them “tough luck, get over it-there is nothing we can do for you”.

  2. Nori says:

    Excellent information in this article.
    Lists some of the orgs who smugly dump bloodsucking parasites into your neighborhood.
    (Not THEIR neighborhood,of course).

  3. Fubar57 says:

    Send them to the “Sanctuary” cities!

  4. CC says:

    How about we do something about greedy land developers and population density while we’re at it?
    The rural area I move to 15 years ago has become suburban hell.

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