Greta goes full retard

Far-left climate extremist Greta Thunberg unloaded on the world in an op-ed published on Friday, claiming that fossil fuels “are literally” killing mankind, and that they are a threat to “our very existence” as she said that her “climate crisis” agenda is not just about the environment, but about fighting the “colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression.”

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27 Responses to Greta goes full retard

  1. Kapt Kaos says:

    Yawn. The overlords have pretty much run out of ideas to frighten the sheep, haven’t they? Next thing you know they’ll be flying around in fake UFOs shooting laser beams trying to get people to freak out.

  2. gamachinist says:

    She’s really trying to cover all the bases there.

    • gamachinist says:

      I wrote the above before I looked at the picture in the article. That poor kid is probably going to have a stroke or heart attack before she turns twenty one.
      It looks like she is going bald already from the stress she puts herself through.
      Then it could all be an act.

      Her rants bring to mind the two minutes hate from 1984, or Adolph Hitler in full fury.

  3. Daryl says:

    Did we ever doubt that the global warming debate had a political agenda?

  4. (((Doc B))) says:

    Going full retard? Have you seen her face?

  5. mdfuller56 says:

    My money’s on this angry little girl not making 30 years – her handlers will have so contaminated her already fragile mind with existential fear NO CHILD should have to hear, or bear, ESPECIALLY AUTISTIC. So Greta will be unable to live with her internal demons and choose to leave this wotrld she has been TAUGHT to hate. Another casualty of the left.

  6. Earth Pig says:

    Greta: Go back to school, get back on your meds and call me when you’ve completed your degree in Environmental Science.

  7. Duke says:

    If that little twat thinks that fossil fuels are killing people, wait until she sees the death toll when we try to live without it. Some people are just brain-washed dumb shits. Or ‘Magic Retards’ works too.

  8. bogsidebunny says:

    Dear Greta, got news for ya; all species evolve and eventually go extinct. Homo Sapiens is a species at the end of it’s existence date. So don’t fight the power embrace the suck, honey.

  9. Diesel Fuel says:

    Nobody seems to mention that if you end fossil fuels and can’t truck in mountains of food to the grocery stores, people will die by the millions starting in just a few months. There you have it, climate change caused by fossil fuels literally killing people by starvation. And the activists will cheer and say “I told you so.”

  10. crazyeighter says:

    Fellow far-left activist David Hogg made similar extremist remarks on Twitter last week regarding the climate, writing: “In the next couple of years the protests will become so big that cops wont be able to handle it and the national guard/military will have to be called in.”

    Greta to David: “Stay in your fucking lane.”

  11. pigpen51 says:

    Hey Greta, do you remember a little boy named David Hogg? Neither does anyone else. You are being used until the next crisis, then you will be kicked to the curb, never to be heard from again.

  12. Ferdinandmostmajestic says:

    In her native country, without fosdil fuels 95% of the population freezes to death the first winter

  13. Edward Teach says:

    According to TPTB, the Western middle class has too much economic and political power. “Climate change” is how the so-called “elites” plan to take that away from them(us). If you’re not convinced, they just appointed former Bank of Canada and Bank of England governor Mark Carney to be the UN “special envoy on Climate Change”. Does it get any more blatant than that?

  14. Bobo the Hobo says:

    Greta, go chide China; we’re good here

  15. chutes magoo says:

    Greta, Soros;s finger puppet!

  16. LoL No says:

    Seen elsewhere Climate fraudsters; “Give us money or we’ll make the little retarded girl cry again”…

  17. just sayin says:

    the carbon footprint in the manufacturing of those boats the little attention whore is sailing around in dwarfs the carbon footprint of the flight she could have taken to get from a to b and there would have been room for more than just one family of social media whores on the flight too!
    and lets not get started on the environmental damage the batteries do in their manufacturing process or the inability to recycle them, oh and the fossel fuels required to CHARGE them!

  18. Sanders says:

    *burp*fart*scratch* Greta who?

  19. singlestack says:

    I don’t take direction from mentally ill children.

  20. ChuckN says:

    I, for one, feel bad for Greta. She obviously has a form of aspergers/autism. Looking at how her speeches and mannerisms have changed in the past year I have zero doubt that her parents are are, and are allowing others, to mentally abuse the girl. When you deal with people who have genuine autism, you find that many are easier influenced and manipulated, especially by those they know. This is also one of the reasons why physical and sexual abuse of the autistic is so prevalent. When you realize that many liberals have openly argued that those with autism should be aborted, it’s no stretch to see how they would be okay with the abuse.

    Greta has been fed a steady diet of climate bs and told that socialism/communism is the only way to fix it. I think she genuinely believes what she says. To date Greta’s handlers have shut down any attempt at a debate and lash out when suggested. I think that this is not to stifle debate so much as to keep Greta “untainted” so to speak. An autistic person being confronted with the reality that they are being lied to may result in nothing but can also cause the person to become obsessed with finding the opposite of what they’ve been told. A persons place on the spectrum often eliminates shades of gray and only absolutes remain. (This is all presupposing that a confrontation with reality of being used doesn’t cause a psychological break.) I would bet anything that Greta is being not only kept from debates but also having any and all tv, radio, internet etc closely monitored. But this is not done to protect her, it is done to protect her parents and handlers. If the time comes that Greta is confronted with how she is being manipulated and used she may openly confirm what many of us strongly suspect. In the meantime, she will not be allowed near those of opposing views with live broadcast cameras.

    When all of this settles down, I do not think that a single one of us will be surprised to find out that her parents and handlers have purposely destroyed this little girl’s life in nothing more than 5 minutes in the spotlight and a way to push an ideological system of suicide and oppressive tyranny.

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