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Thirty-four Republicans voted December 11 to give amnesty at least one million illegal immigrants and to subsidize farm companies with a wave of cheap visa-workers who will lower wages throughout the farm workforce, which includes at least one million American workers.

The Republicans are mostly from rural districts where the local media is skewed in favor of local farm employers and often ignores the economic interest of local American farmworkers.

Some of the pro-amnesty GOP legislators will avoid the pushback from GOP activists and voters by retiring before November.

The recorded vote revealed the amnesty-and-outsourcing Republicans:

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Money in the form of “kick-backs” talks and nobody walks. The Republican members of the deep-state are no different than their Dumbo partners. That’s why I’m voting for Trump next November and returning my voter registration shortly after.

  2. Willy says:

    The so called “conservative” farmers and AG industry is probably the main lure and enabler for illegal immigration. There’s not much conservative about the Republican party anymore. The only thing these farmers care about is “conserving” their bottom line.

    • Willy says:

      Where I live, the crop is primarily wine grapes. Talk about a bunch of greedy bastards, sucking up all the ground water to make wine. Many of the first generation workers are hard working immigrants, illegal or legal. The real problem is the kids that they end up popping out who have no intention of following in their parent’s footsteps of hard work. The lure for gangs, drugs, and other illicit activity is much too enticing with them.

  3. White Lightning says:

    I was surprised by the number of Republicans who announced retirement so early. Here in Illinois, where Democrats rule most offices, the usual scenario is the incumbent files to run in the primary, then announces retirement when it isn’t feasible to start a primary challenge. The Democratic party bosses get to pick the replacement candidate for the primary without any challengers. Very effective for maintaining control.

    I can’t tell whether the Republicans have too much integrity to do that, or are just too dumb.

    • anonymous says:

      I’m not surprised about the early Republican retirees. Most of them were RINOs any way. They see the handwriting on the wall – 4 more years of Trump and they are under the spotlight as much as the Democrats. The cockroaches are running away for the lure of becoming a lobbyist while they can.

      Trump should write a law that prohibits a lawmaker from becoming a lobbyist for several years to remove insider advantage.

      Our Texas Hurd is already seeking early retirement I see – bet he’ll be on someone’s board in the very near future, if not already.

      “Public Service” my ass – its a pig trough and its all you can eat.

  4. Jack says:

    Traitors, each and every one.

    • Hybo says:

      I totally agree. I have already contacted Tucker Carlson and begged him to expose these traitors. I don’t know what good it does but we have to do something. I am also going to contact my local one of these traitors and give them a piece of my mind.

  5. rexl says:

    What a bunch of poop.

  6. Paul B says:

    I live in the middle. Most of the illegals around here are in food service. So that really crimps the income for that group. Mostly High School kids. As to the crops it is corn and beans. those are not picked by machine so little need for illegals. Even though Mollie Tibbets was killed less than an hours drive east of here.

    Since all the Dems that corrupted the Fibbies will walk as well as the corrupted Fibbies, I guess letting a million more illegals walk is par for the course.

    2020 is not the one concerning me. 2024 is.

  7. Cavguy says:

    What can I say? In for a penny? These elected citizens got/get rich in office!

    Think I’ll run for Congress! Smart, good looking, veteran, disciple of Jesus.

  8. Butch says:

    I live in South Texas. We have always had mexican farm labor. Before JFK it was registered. They called it the Bracero Program (sp?) and Mexican nationals would register at the border to come here and work and then at the end of the picking seasons they would return home to their families in Mexico or wherever they came from.

    JFK dumped that program.

    Since then the Texas farmers would try various ways to collar a wetback and if he was a good worker, they would hide him out and keep him busy year around. Once trained up to work a particular farm the wetback was invaluable.

    Anyway, I know several big farmers who plow thousands of acres. And they have told me, wetback labor is ALL they can get. Anglo boys and young men don’t want to work AG. Or if they do like AG they go to school and get a degree in some AG study and go to work for Monsanto.

    One cotton farmer was telling me how his new cotton pickin’ machine that rolls the cotton into huge round bales like you see hay round bales, cost him $750,000. And one of his son’s operate it. No wetback is allowed on it. But he has wetbacks running the smaller tractors that prepare the fields for planting. Then the planting. Then comes the herbicide spray. And like many fields around here that are irrigated, equipment has to be moved around and repairs made and the farmer has better things to do than watch a big water sprinkler move over the field all day. Wetbacks do that.

    SO, the wetbacks are necessary. But their Mexican wives and children? Not so much. When it is just the men here, they lay pretty low. One or several may work a farm for years but no one ever sees them. They know how to hide in plain sight.

    But their women are different. If they have children, then they want Medicaid and WIC and an EBT card. And free schooling.

    Pedro does his job and stays low profile and lives on what he is paid. Maria, on the other hand has her hands grabbing everything she can get away with. And as her kids grow up and join gangs and sell drugs, they really become problems. And there’s the RUB.

    Our worthless congresscritters just passed this rotten Bill. Amnesty wasn’t necessary. Pedro could have been taken care of with a “Pass” with a promise to register each quarter with ICE and he could stay and work. Maria could also get a pass to work, but NO FREEBIES. And the kids? None of them, even Jesus who was born here are citizens. They can’t vote, they can’t serve on juries or hold political office, and when they get too old to work they need to return to Mexico. They don’t earn Social Security from working here. They might have to pay in to SS and they will have to pay income taxes, but they don’t get anything in return for that.

    NOW, if the above was the new Bill, I think I could live with it. But the trash they passed today should only be used for toilet paper

  9. Tom says:

    It has been interesting over the last 30 years to see machines being developed to replace farm work that “only people can do”. I lived in Vidalia Ga where the migrants would flood in for about 3 months and then on to NC for other work. Machines now can lift the onions out without bruising and the migrants are few anymore. Kinda fine with that.

    I expect that as the migrants are replaced by Americans that have FICA and all the other fees and taxes associated with hiring them, prices may go up. We also might be surprised that all the scary things they said would happen if migrants werent here really dont happen.

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