How To Keep Chickens Laying Eggs During Winter

One of the biggest problems backyard chicken owners face during the winter months is keeping their egg supply going. If you’ve kept chickens during the winter months before, you will know that unfortunately, if you let nature take its course, your hens will stop laying completely during this period.

I’ve raised chickens for over 7 years, and know just how bad it feels to see your egg production go down from 12 fresh eggs every day to 1 or 2 eggs… if you’re lucky!

Keeping your hens laying during winter can be difficult and you will definitely need more than just additional lighting. However, after reading the second chapter of our definitive guide, you will know exactly what it takes to keep your supply of fresh eggs during the winter months.


Don’t do this. Buy eggs for 3 months while nature runs its course and let them recuperate over the winter.

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2 Responses to How To Keep Chickens Laying Eggs During Winter

  1. Highlander (no More..) says:

    Let them rest and recuperate and you will get more years of production from a your hens. I have found that older hens make excellent brooders and raise chicks that are better foragers. We save excess spring production by Glassing. Look it up, there are some good videos showing how to do it. We never buy eggs from a grocery anymore.


  2. mobiuswolf says:

    I’ll second both of those comments.

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