If it wasn’t for that white foot, I’d guess Baltimore

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  1. Ed says:


    I have seen, shot and trapped a LOT of wild rats, and these look like photoshopped domestic Black Rats to me, not wild Norway Rats.

    Here are a few images, judge for yourself:
    Pet Black rats:
    Norway rats:

  2. Joe Dick says:

    Had one of those stickons for Halloween once. Kinda fools you at first glance. Mive had snakes and other scary critters on it.

  3. millerized says:

    Have one with a squirrel in a santa hat on my portashitter in PA. https://www.amazon.com/Snake-Toilet-Topper-Place-Accessory/dp/B003BQIE80

  4. Duke says:

    Likely San Francisco.

  5. explainist says:

    if it’s San Fagcisco I presumed the gender of that foot

  6. Klaus says:

    My brother in law has that same toilet seat/cover in his shop bathroom. Some kind of decal or transfer. Pretty realistic at first glance.

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