Listen to the people, Billy

Members of Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee’s staff would not say Wednesday whether Lee might cave to immigration activists and members of the religious left on letting more refugees into the state.

As reported earlier this week, Lee has to decide, per an executive order from President Donald Trump.

A large contingent of Tennessee Star readers said this week on our website and our Facebook page that they do not want Lee to allow more refugees in. Readers said if Lee did so that he would make himself a one-term governor.

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5 Responses to Listen to the people, Billy

  1. A Ninny Mouse because RAYCISM! says:

    No more legal foreign invaders! Diversity is not your friend.

  2. Andy says:

    I hate to say it, but, no matter how much you think you are in the right, one will eventually cave to the left because one becomes frightened of what others will perceive of them. Whether that perception is true or not, they will not stick to their guns in the matter. It’s almost human nature to do so. Well, in weaker people anyway, generally speaking of course. Let’s see what Lee does or doesn’t do.

  3. SgtBob says:

    What a great picture, (presumed) Americans with smiles of gratitude, welcoming the immigrant saviors. Of course, the Star fails to caption the picture with time and location to indicate which Tenneseans carry such smiles.

  4. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    I’d say it all depends on where the “immigrants” are from. I think we’re all good on Somalians, but maybe let in a few from Canada.

  5. Alemaster says:

    We have a Governor in Waiting (will be crowned next week) here in Kentucky, Li’l Andy Breshear, who is just chomping at the bit to further screw things up in The Commonwealth. I can’t imagine him not wanting a whole bunch of foreign diversity influx to assist in his plan to “further Kentucky.” It’s not as if we have too much poverty, opioid addiction, pension shortfall that we couldn’t use some more problems. regards, Alemaster

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