More ‘teen’ violence

An off-duty California Highway Patrol officer wound up being briefly choked unconscious in a Black Friday brawl at a shopping mall near San Francisco as he went to the aid of a shopper, KRON reported.

Security video released by the Emeryville Police Department of the 8 p.m. incident at the Bay Street Mall shows a woman approach a group of teenagers, who violently push and shove her.

The woman had accused the teens of earlier stealing her phone and demanded its return, KNTV reported.

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13 Responses to More ‘teen’ violence

  1. Bad_Brad says:

    Wow, that’s one naive cop. Next time go get the mall security to help, and call it in to local LE.

  2. Mickey says:

    Shouldn’t get involved when the animals are agitated with one another. I’ll only intervene if it’s a child or if I can clearly see one side is an innocent person caught up in unprovoked aggression. Otherwise, let the savages eat each other.

    I will say this though, as a San Franciscan (but soon to be Texan), him being an armed LEO/civilian CCW carrier was more of a curse than a blessing. While he would have been 100% justified, legally and morally, in using lethal force….he would have been vilified by the media, crucified then terminated by his agency, and maybe even tried for homicide by the state. Not to mention the hordes of protesters that would undoubtedly find his home, his wife’s work, and his kid’s school…

    The savages can do as they please here, mostly with impunity. If anyone dares to fight back, the full weight of the media/progressive state (same thing) will come down on you. Everyone knows it here so firearms are the tool of absolute last resort. Running away and hanging on until help arrived was the best course of action given the state of affairs here. Those of us who own/carry guns in the SF Bay Area know they are for absolute last ditch life and death last resort use.

    It won’t be a jury of my peers, it’ll more likely be a jury of the their peers…or their enablers.

  3. BrassG says:

    “as the young people mill around”

    Is that we’re calling a chimp-out, now? “Milling around”?

  4. Ohio Guy says:

    The vid/cam location would have provided target rich opportunities.

  5. the other other Andrew says:

    These ‘youth’ mobs would stop if the answer was a line of people doing mag dumps into their worthless bodies.

    Time, past time, to enforce the rule of law.

    Block a road? Die.

    Go on a mob looting spree? Die.

    As to juvenile crimes, those are stealing candy, riding without a light at night, stupid shit. Once they are doing ‘adult’ crimes, then they should be charged and penalized like an adult. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

    • MT says:

      The days of tolerating this behavior are long gone. There’s only one language these savages understand.

  6. TwoDogs says:

    “Teens” Doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to decode that nugget of PC BS. It’s well past time that “teens” learn manners. At gunpoint if necessary.

  7. SgtBob says:

    Some real mens there, shoving two women half their size. Two big dudes need to be worked on. At least the “teens” are not like the “unemployed” yoots burning cars in France a couple of years ago. Not yet, anyway. Maybe when summer rolls around.

  8. censusdesignatedplace says:

    We need some of the Texas feral hog hunters over here. We have an infestation.

  9. Trib says:

    Monkeys fight in groups. Get one alone and he will shine your shoes.

  10. TwoDogs says:

    It’s looking more and more like your EDC needs a 20 round magazine. With another couple on the belt.

    • TwoDogs says:

      Although as Schlicter points out in a scene in his excellent new book, once you smoke the first one or two the rest become much less brave.

  11. Robin Banks says:

    Chimp out

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