Naw, we don’t need a Wall

Shocking surveillance video shows the moment armed gunmen stormed a Mexican hospital and hauled away a patient — who was later found dismembered, according to Mexican news reports.

The chilling footage obtained by news agency Aristegui Noticias shows more than a half-dozen armed men searching rooms in the General Hospital of Salvatierra in southern Mexico on Nov. 21 while holding a security guard at gunpoint.

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9 Responses to Naw, we don’t need a Wall

  1. rolldog says:

    I’m sure they were just performing some surgery to help him recover…..

  2. rolldog says:

    I’m sure they were just performing some surgery to help him recover…..

    There was something in the press last week that Trump might declare the Cartels to be terrorist groups. Don’t know why this hasn’t been done already as they fit the profile.

  3. Rowland says:

    An honest and hard working group of friends.

  4. BrassG says:

    Ain’t nothing wrong with Mexico that can’t be fixed by nuclear fission.

  5. Bright Eyes says:

    It’s just cultural. Where is your sensitivity. If we just talked to them they would see the ill of their ways and repent. Hey, how bout a nice cuppa go fuck yerself?

  6. skipperdaddy says:

    Mexico Medicare

  7. anonymous says:

    And the hospital is still wondering who will pay his bill …

  8. John Coffey says:

    That will teach him to leave Taco Bell without paying…

  9. Gryphon says:

    The messican ‘government’ is objecting to the ‘Terrrist’ designation, probably because it will get ore than a few government maggots wrapped up in that. IF the USSA .gov was Serious about stopping this crap, they would do what they did with the original Frito Bandito, Pancho Villa, and send in the Army to Kick Ass and straighten them out. But that would totally F-up the Clowns in Action’s ratline of Drug Money. And the Army is too Busy stealing Oil in Syria on behalf of some other Shitty little country in the ‘middle east’.

Play nice.