Now they’re suddenly concerned about accurate reporting?

Newsweek fired a reporter who wrote an article saying that President Donald Trump would likely be tweeting and golfing on Thanksgiving, according to a statement.

Jessica Kwong, a former Newsweek political reporter covering the Trump administration, wrote an article originally titled “How Is Trump Spending Thanksgiving? Tweeting, Golfing And More” on Thursday. The article was published at 10:16 a.m., a few hours before news broke that the president was actually in Afghanistan visiting troops.

The outlet fired Kwong after the mishap, a spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Friday evening.

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5 Responses to Now they’re suddenly concerned about accurate reporting?

  1. Unclezip says:

    Virtue signalling. They got busted, got called on it, and at least one head had to roll.

  2. Daryl says:

    Mishap? How so?

  3. crazyeighter says:

    Not to worry, CNN is gonna snap her right up.

  4. anonymous says:

    All of this reporting / not reporting really makes you wonder if this is the 1st time this is happening ? Maybe all along, people were just making up the narrative as they went along.

    Infobabe will land on her feet somewhere, they all in cahoots …

  5. Ohio Guy says:

    Jessica Kwong, gonna sing you a song, gonna show ya my………

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