Roy Buchanan

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  1. Stevie says:

    Roy was Righteous. My favourite was Thank You Lord, second LP I think

  2. Alan says:

    Beyond fantastic player, but troubled in spirit taking his own life too young. His playing appears simple till you try to pick it up – the bends and pulls he does on notes are amazing.

  3. K. Jack says:

    Met him twice…sorry he was drunk in that second…sorry, but he was. Have a photo of he and I sitting down drinking Heineken beers backstage between sets. I was a local player then. Denver, CO.
    Stole damn near everything I know about playing guitar (did it professionally for several years when I was kid) from he and Danny Gatton and Duane Allman…met Gatton once in Boulder, CO with my kids with me. He signed my Tele..we were backstage for about 40 minutes…didn’t talk much about guitar, mostly about kids.
    Kasper J.

  4. Harod Foster says:

    Love Roy Buchanan

  5. geoffcsaltine says:

    Thank You.

  6. rob says:

    No effects rack – just a tele and his hands and a deep, deep soul.

  7. Karl says:

    The man DID know how to play the Blues.
    One of the greatest guitar players of our generation.
    R.I.P., Bro.

  8. Russ Nixon says:

    Truly one of the great bluesmen of our time.

  9. Joe says:

    My old man turned me onto Roy when I was a kid. One of pops favorites. I throw him on the turntable when I get to missing him. I love his version of Hey Joe. Pops and I are both named Joe. Thanks man.

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