Sunday Video 10

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  1. It looks like she did a little quickstep when when saw the truck.

  2. Kid says:

    Today’s world. It’s all about me.

  3. joe says:

    You know damn well that if that moron didn’t have the dog, the truck driver would have crushed him.

  4. Tim in AK says:

    When I was a kid we were taught on no uncertain terms, that you looked both ways and crossed the street when it was safe.

    Now left-tard politicians have made it law that the pedestrian always has the right-of-way.
    So even though that looked to be in China, we have the same thing happening here every day.

    People are taught that they are all special, and everyone else has to look out for them…..and they just wander across streets without looking both ways or even breaking stride, and if they step in front of your vehicle and get hit, you the driver, are in deep shit.
    It’s fucking stupid.

    • arc says:

      Neither are special and its not a matter of who is looking out for who, in a lot of states, its the law that the driver stops at pedestrian crossings and if they don’t, they are at fault if they injure or kill someone. I find it much better than drivers having the right of way because drivers behave like retards in full bloom and the restraint on them is very much welcomed. With the duty-to-stop being on the driver, they are less likely to try and run people down for crossing the road. Most businesses have the same policy for the same reasons, to keep drivers from running people down in the parking lot. This isn’t a left or a right issue, its common sense that placing the burden on the driver will result in fewer hit pedestrians.

      On MCBH, I stepped out in front of cars, especially officers, as they were the worst offenders. Many would fly up to the crosswalks while people were crossing or about to cross, literally speeding up like its a race to beat you and its intolerable that they be inconvenienced for five seconds. Some wouldn’t apply the brakes until the very last second and others would rev and floor their sports cars the moment they figured they could squeeze passed without hitting you and dart out into the next road. I stopped short of walking in slow motion, but I probably should have.

      I got tired of that shit and with cameras everywhere, no one can get away with a hit and run. Obey the damn law, its not a hard concept and its literally written on a sign in the middle of the road. Fail to obey the law and I get a payday when you hit me with your car. I’ll add their shinny rank to my little treasure box of oddities, and trinkets; not only that, but if I incur broken bones, torn muscles, or a concussion, and have to go to BAS, I get lightduty, and its all covered by Tri-care!

    • Elmo says:

      A while back I had a cull snowflake stride into a crosswalk ahead of me without looking, like he automatically assumed I was paying attention and would brake for him. I didn’t. I never slowed and went by him maybe two feet behind his sorry ass. Pretending never to have seen him I glanced in the rear view mirror out of the corner of my eye to see him hollering and waving his arms at me. Made my day.

      Hopefully the experience taught him to not assume the driver of a car coming at him is paying attention. If it didn’t may he get his sorry ass run over some day soon.

  5. geoffcsaltine says:

    Off topic. Hi Kenny American Digest has a great post up called the Days of Rage.
    I think you will like it.
    It was written in 2017, but myself I think it is what 2020 will look like after P.Trump wins again.
    The left will go off the rails.
    Vanderleun is a very good friend of mine,you would like him.

    • 15Fixer says:

      REAL good article…. food for thought

    • crazyeighter says:

      Me, I’m expecting hi jinks and shenanigans by Antifa with the people waiting in line at the polls. You know, harassing them, vandalizing their cars, etc.

      This will be in addition to the usual Democrat fuckery during the vote and tabulations.

  6. Dodge 'em says:

    I taught my kids that a car moving away from you can’t possibly hit you. I also taught them that even though the driver might be at fault, you’re the one in the hospital. And it’s gonna hurt. A lot.

  7. mrgarabaldi says:

    In those countries, of you are on the crosswalk, you have right of way. The truck didn’t stop like he was supposed to.

    • Texan says:

      Give me a f’ng break. There is no way a truck, at that speed, would have been able to stop. Sometimes people just need to pull their head out of their entitled ass when crossing the road. Assuming that the driver will do the right thing and stop can get you killed. You particularly learn not to assume when riding a motorcycle.

  8. just sayin says:

    In Oz white stripes on the road means people DO have right of way, rather than some authoritarian “this is the only legal place to cross” message.

    • arc says:

      Having people cross at designated crosswalks is a whole lot better than having people randomly jumping out into the road. Of course I am guilty of randomly darting across the road, but only if its completely empty. TMK, anywhere there is a driveway entry is technically a legal crosswalk but I might be wrong, or it might be state based.

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