Sunday Video 4

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12 Responses to Sunday Video 4

  1. Orange Julius says:


    Another Sunday at the assisted living.

  2. Critter says:

    Eileen in 106 is mine!

    Oh yeah? Take *that* ya big jerk!

  3. Guairdean says:

    The Broken Hip Posse.

  4. Flugelman says:

    I’m 77 with numb feet. I can totally see me in that scenario, much to my chagrin…

  5. Cederq says:

    Those old fuckers better be careful, I see a whole lot of broken hips!

  6. Kid says:

    That’s funny as hell.

  7. Robert says:

    The Three Stooges in their later years.

  8. Adirondack Patriot says:

    A scene from The Irishman.

  9. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    “Corn Pop” is in there somewhere duking it out with Uncle Joe!

  10. Abe Froman says:

    Biden/Sanders debate goes wrong

  11. Bright Eyes says:

    This is why old people should carry guns. Bang it’s over with.

  12. nines says:

    Geezers! We’re wonderful. Belly laughing.

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