Sunday Video 7

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9 Responses to Sunday Video 7

  1. RT Rider says:

    Was this a rehearsal for a Monty Python sketch?

  2. Jon says:

    I know some of those guys…

  3. chutes magoo says:

    That was killer!

  4. rustygunner1 says:

    I’m really surprised the Marshals let that guy get away with taking a frying pan onto the field.

  5. JFM says:

    This isn’t the wimpy SCA, it’s the European “Battle of Nations”. They use steel weapons. Check them out on YouTube.

    • ya you could tell since the so called “Non-whimps” were not really hitting each other except a haft here and there. Snark.

      I guarantee SCA combat is much more dangerous than their rules not to mention full speed.

  6. Edward Teach says:

    Was the other guy dry-humping him? It sure looked like it to me.

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