Sunday Video 9

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9 Responses to Sunday Video 9

  1. olds mo william says:

    I guess she likes corners.

  2. John h says:

    what she doing licking the salt off of each one ? No wonder she sitting by her self !!!
    John h

  3. kimh81 says:

    we all have our little things

  4. Tom Perry says:

    low carb

  5. Ace Rimmer says:

    Nice legs until the soda and salt lick diet and a couple decades of noncompliance leads to right heart failure and she ends up with cankles and becomes unelectable. Gorgeous wormfood.

  6. Aggie says:

    Nah man she’s just softening ’em up for later.

  7. jayesouthworth says:

    Why not carry a salt shaker around, cheaper than buying 2 bags of chips.

    • Kenny the Scot says:

      Those are crisps. Chips are the things you get with a fish supper. ;-)

      I was quite amused by the fact that she has a system – she must keep the empty bag when she’s finished for the net time she buys a new bag. Lick crisps from new bag, into empty bag, discard & keep the newly emptied one for next time … she is organised, you have to give her that, LOL

  8. ABE says:

    Remember the Star Trek episode where the woman Bones used to love was actually an alien who sucked the salt out of people… Oh, never mind.

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