The Scream

This mountain lion scream would not be a pleasant sound while out camping under the stars.
You know those audio tracks of spooky noises people play on their front porch on Halloween?

This had to be one of the natural sounds they used.

Can you imagine being alone in a tent in the middle of the night, and waking to that?


I don’t have to imagine being alone in a tent in the middle of the night and hearing that – been there done that.

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22 Responses to The Scream

  1. Ed Knorr III says:

    A Bobcat scream is just as nice.

    • B says:

      Yes, True.
      Here in Indiana, we have few (if any) cougars/mountain lions….But a Lynx/Bobcat is pretty much the same sort of sound. Pretty loud as well.

  2. skipperdaddy says:

    Met one coming around a corner on a logging road when I was a fresh 18 yrs old. I just finished smoking a fat one. It screamed and jumped off into the woods but I think my scream was louder. How I did not shit myself is a wonder still to this day.

    • bobdog says:

      Back when I was in my teens, I was staff member at a scout camp in Wisconsin. On Saturday nights, we were between groups, so I was alone, and sick as well. Thunder and lightning woke me up. In a flash of lightning, I could see a pretty big black bear sniffing our chuck box about ten feet away. I was zipped into a jungle hammock and a sleeping bag with absolutely no place to go and nothing between me and the bear but mosquito netting.

      It was a full pucker moment.

  3. Bright Eyes says:

    I’ll bet that is quite a scream. I never heard one. I have heard bobcat and man oh man that will send chills up your spine in the night. Almost like a babe screaming.

  4. Gene K says:

    Been there alone in the tent and heard it. I rolled over and went back to sleep. Just a lioness looking for luuuvvv.

  5. Nifter says:

    Yep. Been there done that. Make your hair stand up…

  6. brent says:

    I decided a long time ago that if I couldn’t kill it with a gun, there was no reason to sweat it as it was a demon from hell and there was nothing I could do about it anyway.
    And also decided to always carry enough gun.

    Rabbit scream is the worst I have heard. It put the bobcat to shame. I thought it was s child being murdered.

    • Boone says:

      Spent a stormy night in a broke down barn, rural Mississippi, near a yellow fever graveyard (early 1800s headstones). Sleeping with a gun didn’t ease my mind in that place. Absolutely agree about a rabbit scream, too close to human.

  7. Mike says:

    I too have heard a cougar yelling at night while camped in a back packing tent. Had me grabbing my pistol and flash light and hoping for the best. For genuine blood chilling creepy, nothing tops the sound of a rabbit getting killed in the dark.

  8. Bobo the Hobo says:

    30 years ago I heard that sound. Being a city girl I could not identify the source of that. Now I know – it’s spooky as the first time I heard it

  9. Cederq says:

    Me too listening to that sound in the middle of the night and a return scream just as hair raising! While listening to the video my little dog was sound asleep next to my desk came up from a sound sleep and started growling and barking and the hair on her back was standing straight up.

  10. Rowland says:

    Had a mountain lion kill a deer about 30 yards from our tent once….oh man…the noise. Both of those animals screaming and the deer dying made for a long night. My dad sat there all night long holding our .22LR…only gun we had. He bought a pistol the next week.

  11. jack says:

    Heard one on Mt. Lemon outside of Tucson, AZ. Was sleeping with the wife in a double sleeping bag near the dying campfire. That didn’t scare her enough but later, when the fire was just glowing embers, some campers puppy licked her face and she opened her eyes and saw his glowing eyes and we spent the rest of the night in the car.

  12. JB says:

    When I was a young’un, spendin’ the night out coon huntin’ or fishin’ the creek till dawn, I usually had a .22 rifle and some bigger bore pistol on my hip. Most’a my teens it was an old Colt from my granpappy in .45 LC. There was also ALWAYS a dog around, not a lil’ yippy mutt, but a rather large one, we always had DOGS to help with the stock, and at least one would always hafta tag along on my forays into the sticks, usually Ol’ Laddie, a fightin’ fool. I’ve heard big cats, rabbits, owls, and deer scream, some dyin’, some killin’, you know which. Always makes the hair on the back’a my neck stand up, but I’m armed and ain’t nothin’ gettin’ close without that dog lightin’ up. Bein’ raised in the sticks and taught to be self sufficient by the time I was 12 by the men that raised me made a difference in how I look at things. Raised mine the same, but he likes electronics more’n bein’ out there… dammit.

  13. RocketmanKarl says:

    Had one take one of our goats last year. Set traps for him with the fish & game folks. Big fella, about 150 lbs, with front paws as big as my splayed hand. He carried the 100 lb goat by its throat about 100 yards and didn’t leave drag marks. The bastard is now a rug hanging on the wall, and it covers a whole sheet of drywall.

  14. steve says:

    That wasn’t a very good thing to listen to; what with the buzz I have going…..


  15. Hillbilly says:

    Showed the wife the video, Rottie went to her and sat on her feet started growling. Yep we have them here but only one I’ve seen in 20 years was a small one, maybe 40 lbs. Had a long ass tail.

  16. haha!@luis says:

    Had a cougar screaming once in my tent, she was a MILF. (I did!)

  17. CM says:

    Yep. Grew up out West and heard it numerous times. What’s spooky is hearing things sniffing around your campsite when your are in the tent. Don’t forget to tie your food up high.

  18. Sanders says:

    Had a friend who could make a noise like a mountain lion. Long story involved an actual lion hunt, him, an asshole scout leader sleeping in a sleeping bag in a dry wash, and many laughs at the expense of said scout leader who was screaming like a little girl in terror.

  19. james says:

    Wolverine scream is worse. Sounds like a hooker being strangled in the woods next to you. Aand of course you have to wonder, who is strangling a hooker in the woods next to me?

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