The shit I post on Facebook


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  1. Greg says:

    #3 Trump Derangement Syndrome has had quite the effect on Jim Carey.

    • warhorse says:

      Jim Carrey was a regular passenger on Epstein’s plane. which explains a lot.

    • anonymous says:

      Shame about that dude all political ‘n shit. Used to be very funny to watch his performances, but lost his sense of humor when Trump got elected. People don’t give a damn about your politics man – should have stuck with Fireman Bill – Vera De Milo and other characters. Now you just a sad puppy …

  2. Yinzer says:

    Honestly, if you get booted because of these, the idiots at FB are totally devoid of a sense of humor.

    • Scarecrow says:

      That is sorta the point. When I meet a man with no sense of humor, I have already identified my enemy. Not that I actually have a hysterically funny blog myself…just a good rule of thumb.

  3. grayman says:

    #4 Had a friend could unsnap a 4 hook bra just as easy as a 1 or 2 hook, I shit you not.

  4. De Oppresso Liber says:

    If those puppies were Country Hams, count me in.

  5. Michael Alexander says:

    #5 we are talking one handed—RIGHT?

  6. Leonard Jones says:

    I posted something on Antzinpantz a few seconds ago Kenny. I copied the text and
    paste it here. I too have been shamelessly trolling Mark Suckerdick and leftist
    censors/fact checkers. I thought I might get my ass banned about a year ago
    when I called Zuckerdork a cock-sucker, but no, all they do is censor some of
    my posts. I conducted an expirement last night to see what it is that I was getting
    flagged for. Here is my post:

    I am coming close to getting the Knuckledraggin treatment from Fakebook. I am
    so testing the limits. After getting one of their censorship notices yesterday for
    an old post I decided to say the same thing in a more innocuous way. The original
    post was a comparison between the communist lesbian and tranny First Ladies
    vs our current First Lady. It went like this, a prominent lesbian politician, etc.
    It was flagged in real-time!

    OK, that got me thinking! Is their system triggered by sexual keywords? I put
    several words and phrases in individual posts, (carpet-muncher, lesbian, queer,
    homosexual, rod smoker and even Homosexuals and lesbians are a cult of
    sexual perverts.) I could have gone on for days, but their algorithm is not
    triggered by keywords, but political content.

    I have to add a post script. I doubt that I would be a target for censorship if I
    were not an outspoken conservative. The left says even worse things about
    President Trump without consequences. To the left, everyting is political and one
    of my posts which was an image of fully clad Tranny Barbie Doll was yanked
    so there was no sexual content, yet they banned it for that reason!

    As long as I post cute cute cat photos, the fuckers will leave me alone. As Bugs
    Bunnny said, He don’t know me very well, do he?

  7. crazyeighter says:

    I think he started going to shit about the time he hooked up with that world-famous biochemist, Jenny McCarthy.

  8. KurtP says:

    I have a guy on my group that’s been put on FB restriction for posting a fake gif of two girls ready to drop their drawers.
    Suckenburgs purity algorithms are watching him like an E8 watches an FTNer.

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