They spent money on this study?

Dogs not only sniff, jump, cuddle and act as our furry buddies — they also seem to be capable of processing numbers like us, according to a recent report in Science Magazine.

A new study from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, published by Biology Letters, indicates that while dogs do not have the capability of counting numbers exactly as humans do, they do notice when we put less food in their bowls, or reward them with extra treats, meaning they can understand quantities.


Even as stupid as that asshole dog Jack is, he knows quantity.
He sleeps in my room if I bring him in for the night, and on those nights when I go to bed, I get 4 dog biscuits to dole out to him as I’m reading before I turn out the light. He gets one about every 5-10 minutes and in between treats, he sits by the side of my bed and waits patiently, believe it or not. When he gets his last one, I pat him on the head and tell him, “That’s it, asshole” and then he goes to his pad and lays down.
About 2-3 weeks ago, I only had 3 doggy treats left in the box, not 4, but I figured he wouldn’t know. He’s fucking stupid, right? I gave him his 3 treats, patted him on the head and told him that was it, then I rubbed his chest and bid him good night before turning off the light. When I woke up the next morning and turned on the light, that fucking dog was still on my side of the bed, sitting up, and waiting for his fourth dog biscuit.
Now I know he didn’t spend the entire night sitting up waiting for a treat, he sat up when he heard me stirring, but there’s no doubt in my mind he was there when I opened my eyes waiting for the biscuit he thinks I cheated him out of.
Tell me he doesn’t understand quantity.

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  1. Eric says:

    That’s the thing about people. They think anything that can’t talk is stupid.

    A dog may not be able to rebuild an engine, but a dog is a Democrat – they aren’t stupid.

  2. Kid says:

    I saw a dog act on America or Britan’s got talent. Lady had a small dog that if you gave him a number he’d bark it out. Also barked out numbers from flash cards. I’ve read dogs can detect epileptic fits ahead of time as well as detect lung cancer well ahead of when medical tests would do so and a lot more – “dumb animals’ much smarter and caring than most people.

    • the other other Andrew says:

      They can smell issues with blood sugar, either too high or too low. They can smell when there’s an infection and where it is on a person, before it even starts showing up (like, oh, say, from surgery…) They can tell when blood chemistry and brain chemistry are off, like for depression and, as Kid said, epilepsy. They can hear electricity charging a landline phone before it rings. And they can sniff out more than just lung cancer, they sniff out skin cancer, uterine cancer and much much more.

      Yeah, stupid animals…

  3. andromeda says:

    I’d throw 4 tennis balls, in the dark, in the South Louisiana bushes.

    She’d sit, mark their falls, and wait.


    4 balls at my feet, in a short while.

    And then she’d sit.

    Tell me they can’t count.

  4. J-West says:

    I think I’m going to get a dog to help me with my banking.

  5. J-West says:

    Dogs are also capable or deductive reasoning.

    Three objects were placed in a room familiar to the dog.

    All items have been ‘fetched’ previously.

    A fourth ‘unknown’ object was added to the other three.

    The dog was then told to go the bedroom and fetch the ‘unknown’ object.

    The dog proceeded to go and when he saw all the objects … the one he didn’t know the name of …. must be it.

    The dog had deduced that this was what his owner must have been alluding to because he didn’t hear the names of any of the others mentioned.

    I know people who are not that smart.

    I hear that pigs are a smart as dogs … kinda spoils the bacon.

  6. PoppaGary says:

    I have had herding breeds and currently own a brother and sister mini Aussie and they are not only smart, they are cunning. As an example: The boy loves attention, esp from the girls and when his sister was taking all the loves from one of our friends, he got his sister’s attention with a toy and ran outside. Once she came out to take it from him, he dropped it and came back to the human girl inside so he could have her undivided attention.
    When we first got our Border Collie, I asked the wife why she got a dog that was smarter than both of us….it is amazing what these and other breeds can do.
    They also “know” when it is dinner time and when we are late with it, among other things. Daylight savings time messes with them tho as they want to stay on their biological clock and I have to go by the time piece.

    • Rayvet says:

      I’m on my second Aussie ( a close relative to the Border with just as much smarts). Yes they’re smart, BUT my wife just recently got a 6 month old Standard Poodle. That bitch is smarter than my wife, me and my other three dogs all together (and both my wife and are are vets). I’ve never seen anything like this. Remember the scene in the first (best) Jurassic park where the ranger is talking about the velociraptor female? He goes that one, you can see her thinking. I swear to God that’s this damn poodle literally. She has figure out our cues, our routines around the house, the other dogs preferences and uses that knowledge to get stuff. Crazy smart that breed.

      • Butch says:

        You all nave one of the very few smart poodles. Every one of them I have ever been around are the dumbest POS dogs I have ever seen.

        And from reading these posts, I believe most of yous are trained to treat the dogs with a certain thing at set times.

        Everyday, my two dogs get different treats for different “Good-dog” responses and at different times. Nothing is set in stone. Yet they have certain habits. I buy the large Milk Bones. They both get one whole or half most days, but never every day. But they always take their bone to the same place to eat it. Most of the time.

        If I stay outside with them after giving a bone and then I walk to another part of the yard they both will follow me and eat their bones in a new spot.

        I am always changing things, so they never get to expect the same thing two days in a row. The older male has picked up on this and now learns stuff quicker. The younger female is more typical dog. She is cunning and thinks she can trick me or deceive me, but way dumber than the Male. He keeps surprising me.

  7. Cowboy says:

    Have a Springer spaniel and a dachshund. Definitely know when I’ve shorted them their evening treats. When I give the doxie her 3rd and final treat she gets a “thats it” and goes away. The springer gets the same and a head pat and goes about her business. Conditioning maybe but smart none the less.

  8. bocopro says:

    Had dogs all my life, since I was 2, back in ’42.

    Figgered dogs understood quantities and routines concerning food a LONG time ago. Remembered some advice my grandfather gave me back then:

    First thing you teach a dog is “No.”
    Second thing is “Good dog.”
    If you can’t teach him those two concepts, take him out and shoot him ’cause you’ll never get him to do what you want.

    Third thing is “No more” concerning food. They’ll learn it. They don’t like it, but they understand it. I teach mine with a gesture, too . . . waving my open empty hands in their faces. They get it fairly quickly.

  9. mjazz says:

    I heard about a guy that gave his dog steak for his birthday, and one year the guy decided to see if the dog would know the difference, so gave him ordinary dog food instead.
    He wouldn’t eat the dog food, he knew.

  10. Cederq says:

    My little ankle biter wakes me up at 8:00 AM every damn morning and she wants her beef jerky treat. She knows she gets it when my coffee is brewed and I reach for the half and half in the fridge as well as her jerky. She sits right out side the kitchen and waits patiently. If I don’t get her treat, she will nip my ankle to let me know her displeasure.

  11. Hawken Cougar says:

    Your dog is definitely a democrat.

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