Why I love Tennessee

If you’re looking to ring in the new year with a bang, here are some locations where you can buy fireworks.


In California, you can’t buy, sell, possess, or use real fireworks without being under threat of execution. Here in Tennessee, news stations and newspapers tell you where to buy them to get the best bang for your buck (see what I did there?).

I don’t know about any other places, but Nervous Charlie’s, located at I-65 and Hwy 76, is a gas station with a souvenir shop, convenience store and diner inside, with year round fireworks sales.
Yup, you can fill your tank, buy a can of Copenhagen, a basket of delicious fried chicken gizzards and enough fireworks to give every California Assemblyman a heart attack all in one stop.

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7 Responses to Why I love Tennessee

  1. Bob says:

    Fireworks are a waste of time & money & are dangerous.
    We’re going to the range & play with tracers. Probably going to take a couple of muzzel loaders too. Much more fun.

  2. WDS says:

    I noticed this weekend all the roadside trailers had been dispatched and will be loaded to the max
    with fireworks for NYE here in my little town of Chickenbone, South Cackylacky.

  3. Flight-ER-Doc says:

    Throw in booze, guns and ammo, we’ll be set…

  4. Ohio Guy says:

    Fireworks are cool, the kids love ’em, but like Bob says, we’re training with FMJ and JHP. Gotta get me some of them tracers though!

  5. Daryl says:

    Some poor guy is gonna start the new year with out all his fingers.

  6. GI-had Joe says:

    We’re all in, in Heber City! 3, 2, 1…

  7. joej201 says:

    I think it pretty funny – here in Florida it’s legal to buy and sell fireworks but illegal to set them off. WTF are ya supposed to do with ’em after ya buy em?


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