Wonderful, just wonderful…

NASHVILLE (WSMV) – A new study from the University of Tennessee shows the population boom for the Midstate is expected to continue, with over half a million people moving to the Metro in the next 20 years.

The study was conducted by the Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research at UT Knoxville. In the study, it showed the state’s population growing by nearly one million people in the next 20 years. The highest concentration of that growth will be centered on Nashville and surrounding counties.


Looks like Portland in Sumner County is going to get swallowed up. That town’s already becoming a bedroom community to Nashville seeing as it’s only 4-5 miles east of I-65 and 20 miles or so north of Trashville.

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2 Responses to Wonderful, just wonderful…

  1. ScottTN says:

    We’re just outside of Clarksville and plan on moving MUCH farther out VERY soon.

  2. Rob says:

    I wonder how long before the urban dwellers control the whole state?

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