And now from the Short Bus in Richmond:

The Short Bus was another one of Sam Kerodin’s scams. He had allegedly bought a bus and solicited donations of cash and equipment so he and his band of wannabes could travel to the Nation’s “hotspots” to give us an unbiased report.
He may have bought the bus (I don’t know, nobody’s actually laid eyes on it) but it never made it to Idaho when he moved. He claims it’s staged east of the Rockies for East Coast events. It damned sure never showed up at Malheur or the Bundy Ranch.

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4 Responses to And now from the Short Bus in Richmond:

  1. Grandpa says:

    hell, Kenny; as far as any of us know; it’s never shown up anywhere except in Scammy’s imagination. And his “staged east of the Rockies” I believe that is ‘kerodin-speak’ for “the old fucker broke down, and was towed to be repaired, and now has a lien on it for the towing and repair cost”. Which will never get paid for, because his income from “teaching combatives” (hack, spit) to the ‘learn combatives starved’ population of St. Maries…. is not nearly as lucrative as conning donations from patriots.
    By the way, has everyone already ordered their $100 garrote? You know, it’s just like the OSS ones, and it’s perfect for ‘wetwork’ at ‘belt buckle range’.
    Yeah, Scammy; we’re all still out here – and we know you read this – so go fuck yourself. Which since Nervous Holly/Nyte Orchid has likely left you, is your only option. I told you, you ‘fcuk’ I’d fucking taunt you until you go away or die. I keep my promises.
    Sorry, brother Kenny; I try to play nice – but where this asshole is the topic, I just can’t. And brother Lineman and I are still waiting for his ‘rusty chainsaw’. ha ha and ha

    • Wirecutter says:

      No worries about playing nice, everything you said was dead on although I doubt he even knows how to start a chainsaw.
      When we were waiting on the judge to make his decision on the bullshit restraining order Kerodin filed against me in an effort to have my guns seized, he taunted me almost daily with “Actions have consequences.” He was right, they do have consequences and keeping the lies and bullshit he told are part of them.

  2. Exile1981 says:

    Actually a small bus would mahe a not bad com vehicle. A 4×4 with a camper on the back converted to a comms center would be much better for getting into weird places than the bus.

    Though the bus may be easier to maintain and would have more space to move around in.

    • MDT says:

      The reasons he wanted a short bus were all nostalgic. It was what he rode to the Window Lickers Academy in as a young Hymen. Since we busted his “tacticool cherry” he’s never been the same.

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