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A fisherman got a big surprise after discovering that a mysterious orange box pulled from the ocean depths was no mere piece of trash, but surveillance equipment belonging to the United States Navy.

Croatian fisherman Darko Kunac Bigava and his crew pulled the object aboard after it shredded their fishing nets on Jan. 6, according to Forbes.

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9 Responses to Catch of the Day

  1. Ed says:

    ….because ALL secret surveillance equipment is painted orange and shipped to it’s destination by DHL.

  2. Cederq says:

    Yeah, I would believe the government explanation of it is a environmental acoustical do-hickey and make the Navy prove it was theirs. Doesn’t the Admiralty laws of salvage apply here?

    • Matthew says:

      There are thousands of buoys and oceanic monitoring stations all over the oceans. They aren’t salvage, they aren’t abandoned, and taking them and selling them back to the owners is pretty scummy. I’m fairly certain NOAA would be pissed.

      • Butch says:

        There is a big boat-load of UAV’s swimming the oceans, owned by private contractors. They sell their findings to NOAA and whomever else that will write a check. If you can catch one sell it back to them. No wrong in that. They have no special rights to be running surface and sub-surface drones all over.

        When the sea lions tear mackerel nets to floss, they usually will be shot. If some drone tears your net up, sell it back for the price of a new net and lost fishing.

  3. The Jannie says:

    “Environmental” – couldn’t they spell “surveillance”?

  4. Nemo says:

    I’ve been wondering how the Navy was monitoring ocean sounds since they abandoned most of the SOSUS nets back in the 90’s. Now, unfortunately, we and everyone else know. I’m also wondering how the CIA or the Pentagon allowed this get out. I guess it fits with the rest of their malfeasance or they’ll just blame Trump.

  5. Sarthurk says:

    When i was on a federal fisheries research trawl survey, we caught numerous SONAR bouy’s that were to sink shortly after deployment, intentionally. Heard of one missile caught in a NOAA trawl net that had the word “INERT” Stenciled on it. Somebody wanted to keep it. The captain of the ship said, “No, I wouldn’t trust anything the Military did. So back over the side it went.

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