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10 Responses to Foreigner

  1. thinkingman says:

    Wasn’t their hit, “I want to know what love is ” on the Rock, Pop, AND Gospel charts simultaneously?

    • Wirecutter says:

      I don’t know, I didn’t listen to them much – too commercial for my taste. Same thing with Foghat.

    • Sedition says:

      It was their biggest hit, and their death nail. The core fans thought they went commercial/pop and abandoned them.

      • thinkingman says:

        Yeah, just like anyone who was flirting with real success in Punk Rock- the sure way to kill off listening fans was to get signed- with a few notable exceptions , like The Ramones who lasted until they fell prey to first member changes , and then individual interest and deaths ( DeeDee being predictable, Joey being unfortunate but, looking at his not robust make up, well, that figured. Johnny was kind of the WTF! dx- not unheard of, just not what I’d think of for myself.) Good long run, though to fill a big venue, they had to book in South America, or England. Saw them a couple of time at a place called Janus Landing in St Petersburg, FL. back in the day.

  2. PaddyO' says:

    Great in concert. All great songs. My fav is Double Vision. I don’t get it since I’m blind in my left eye :-)

  3. PaddyO' says:

    When I have a few beers…

  4. Bright Eyes says:

    Too new for this ol fart. I like good ol rock an roll, Johnny Cash and Western Music not to be confused with Country Western music. Big difference.

  5. Sarthurk says:

    That was me, then. Not much different now. Dirty old boy.

  6. Ersatz Naugahyde says:

    I’ve been in trouble since I don’t know when. I’m in trouble now and I know some how I’ll find trouble again.. Cause I’m a dirty white boy…..

  7. Roger Feist says:

    Thank you. Brings back some memories.

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