Friday gifdump


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  1. paul b says:

    #10. Must do that a lot to be so Blaise about it

  2. Earl Harding says:

    #8 like dead in the stopper at the bottom of that fall.

    Scary enough shooting that in a white water kayak with helmet and pfd, and safety set up downstream in kayaks and on the bank with throwlines. I’ve been pulled out of more than one after screwing up and taking a swim.

    Alone, no head protection and no pfd = dead,

  3. BrassG says:

    #2 – Evil slinky machine! It’s not deploying concertina wire that is a problem, however, it’s removing the nasty shit after the exercise is done. My platoon helped a CEB detachment police a bunch of that stuff up one time. It had been staked and tied and rain had been falling for the last three days, turning the ground around it into slick red clay. We all looked like we’d spent a day pushing through a briar patch after we were done. That set of cammies was ruined, and the experience made me very glad I wasn’t a combat engineer.

    • Scruff says:

      I wish we had that rig when I was an engineer, we set up and dismantled the old school way. But digging my fox hole with a backhoe was great.

    • Oswald Bastable says:

      Yep, that brings back memories, none of which are good.

      • loadedforbear says:

        Oh yeah, the famous 9th ID 24 hour defense. You had 24 hours to build a defensive position for your company. ( Yeah, what a phuqed up idea that was ). We had miles of triple strand concertina drug around through the woods. Walking within 5′ of that crap made you look like you just tangled with a bobcat in a phone booth. I would have given my eye teeth for that trailer.

      • Jeff C. in NC says:

        Old Senior Chief said “if you ain’t bleeding you’re not working.”

  4. Cavguy says:

    #2. Is that in Richmond Virginia? The VSP & VANG getting ready for the 20th of January 2020?

    Just saying.


    All eyes will be on Richmond on the 20th!

  5. Trish says:

    #4 is so darned cute. I could watch it all day.

  6. joe says:

    #9 That had to hurt

  7. Large Marge says:


    A waterfall creates a horizontal whirlpool.
    Objects get trapped, popping up occasionally.

    In white-water rescue, we see this with low-head dams.
    Instead of a spill-way, the water of the reservoir flows over the dam.
    Upstream boaters cannot see the dam, get trapped in the suction flow, and are pulled over.
    Then the boat is trapped in the horizontal whirlpool.
    Rescue boats approaching from downstream are sucked into the horizontal whirlpool, adding to the casualties.

    • pigpen51 says:

      We have a dam on our small river where I grew up in Michigan. We used to swim there in the summers. In the fall of 1976, we had a huge flood, which backed up behind the dam, and almost took it out. They ended up digging a pathway around the dam to let the water divert to the river, to keep from destroying the dam.
      Most of the football team spent several days and nights filling sandbags for both the town and the area residents. Our little river went from a fun swimming hole to a monster that would kill you in a second. You just can’t tempt Mother Nature.

  8. BillDave says:

    Nice ass laying on the boat! #5

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