Friday gifdump Part II


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12 Responses to Friday gifdump Part II

  1. Andy says:

    #7 – Catfish?

    • BrassG says:

      Indian dwarf puffer. It’s a freshwater puffer variant. They are extremely intelligent (as fish go), endlessly curious, and mate for life. A bit difficult to keep, as their preferred fodder is live bloodworms, but they can usually be trained to accept frozen if you break it up in warm water before introducing to the aquarium. I’ve never had any luck getting them to accept dried worms.

  2. BrassG says:

    #8 – It appears the plan wasn’t explained in Femalese.

    • anonymous says:

      Yeah, she would have got a lesson when it go explody in her hand, Dude should have made that more clear.

  3. paul b says:

    #9 that is hard to figure out on the phone. Train going through some kind of barrio

  4. Steve S. says:

    #8. Proof, unfortunately, that it is not just blondes.

  5. Butch says:

    In #1 that truck looks like it may be a Toyota SR-5 cab with a home-made flat bed. Anyone else have a better description?

  6. Butch says:

    The Next Day. Number Three. How does a dumb crab, a shellfish, who has a brain the size maybe that wad of flem you choked up this morning and probably as smart…build an igloo? Out of wet sand?

    In no way am I suggesting building an igloo is really difficult, for a human, but how does a crab possess the intellect to build a structure that has to have some mathematical laws followed otherwise it either caves in or it goes straight up like a chimney. Fuck! My dogs are much smarter than any crab, but they can’t build an igloo. Even when we have a yard of wet sand.

    Where did a crab get the tiny little drop of DNA intelligence to build an igloo out of sand to protect itself?

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