Google Whistleblower Suggests His Wife’s Fatal Car Crash May Not Have Been Accidental

Google whistleblower Dr. Robert Epstein has suggested that his wife’s fatal car crash may not have been accidental.

Last month, Misti Dawn Vaughn’s Ford Ranger spun out of control on a slippery road in California and veered into the path of a tractor trailer. She died from her injuries days later.

Police concluded that drugs or alcohol were not factors in the crash.

In a tweet posted last night, Epstein appeared to suggest that the crash was not accidental and Vaughn’s vehicle could have been tampered with.

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14 Responses to Google Whistleblower Suggests His Wife’s Fatal Car Crash May Not Have Been Accidental

  1. the other other Andrew says:

    So…. Epstein didn’t kill herself?

  2. Bert says:

    Can we start a collection to buy Ford Rangers for Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schitt?

  3. WilliamGene says:

    Clintoncide, I tell ya!

  4. Frankie says:

    From his Twitter account: also loosing Misty is devastating for me- there will never be another Misty in my life,after all-I AM STILL NOT SUICIDAL. Hear that,#Google? Hear that, #Hillary?

  5. checkers says:

    Not to be weird, but look at the pics. Where does an old grey haired dork get a young hottie like that to marry?

  6. John D says:

    These days, I can believe anything is possible where the Left is involved

  7. James Miller says:

    Anyone who’s ever driven a Ranger on wet, icy, snowy, dry, sandy, know they have the steering and tracking control of a Matchbox car in the hands of a 2yr old.Just sold my 3rd and last one I’ll ever own. My 91, 93 and 06 all needed 200# of ‘something’ in the bed for traction, regardless of the time of year. And the stock tires…yeah, ‘not an accident’ is right. However, I’d be talking to Ford rather than Google heads.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Huh, I had an ’06 Ranger I drove for years in all kinds of weather conditions including sleet and snow, and never had any problems with it. Of course I drive like an old lady, so there’s that.

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