In 5-4 ruling, Supreme Court allows Trump plan to deny green cards to those who may need gov’t aid

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court issued an order Monday allowing the Trump administration to begin enforcing new limits on immigrants who are considered likely to become overly dependent on government benefit programs.

The court voted 5-4. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan said they would have left a lower court ruling in place that blocked enforcement while a legal challenge works its way through the courts.

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14 Responses to In 5-4 ruling, Supreme Court allows Trump plan to deny green cards to those who may need gov’t aid

  1. ed says:

    GOOD! No more illegals leaching off the Taxpayers!!

  2. Bright Eyes says:

    How about just stopping all immigration. Clean up the mess we have and send the bastards packing. I’m all for immigration providing you come through proper channels and have a skill/trade that is legal.

    • NITZAKHON says:

      I remember when my immigrant – now citizen – wife (who came here legally BTW) got her social security card. That day she said “Take me to the mall so I can start applying for jobs”!

    • Berglander says:

      Those immigrants with skills still directly compete with Americans who have those skills. If there is a shortage of Americans with necessary skills-wouldn’t it make sense to incentivize Americans to get those skills and take those jobs? Seems like there is so much more we could do to take care of our own.

      • Nemo says:

        Employers would rather use the H1-B visa to fill those jobs so that they can save salary and benefit expenses.

        Ask Microsoft/any other hardware/software developer and Disney how that works.

        • Berglander says:

          I’m familiar. Imagine…a government doing things to protect its people, instead of worshipping the GDP…

      • Lineman says:

        People have become so isolated from one another (by design) that they feel no kinship to other Americans so they don’t feel anything when someone foreign takes an Americans job unless of course it’s theirs or someone they are close too…

    • warhorse says:

      I know a guy who came here from the Congo. didn’t speak any english. in 10 years he’s learned english, got himself 3 useful degrees in computers and engineering, works 4 jobs. I don’t know when he sleeps. but he loves this country. he gets mad at anyone who claims racism is keeping them down. “look at me..I’m as dark as midnight. but I worked hard and made something of myself. and I was 3 steps back from you, because I didn’t even speak the language and my education before I got here was garbage. stop whining, pull your pants up and get to work!”

      I wish we had more like him.

  3. Bert says:

    Somewhat related to the scam where honest Americans are forced to pay for free loaders: got my auto insurance renewal recently-the cost for “uninsured/under insured motorist” is 34% of the rest of my coverage. Meaning: those fuckers who chose to drive without insurance or with the minimum amount required by the state have for years been pushing that cost onto you and me. How often do you hear of a traffic infraction or accident being caused by an illegal with no driver’s license and no insurance? Happens all the time. Not much different than wage earners having to pay for EBT and breakfast/lunch/snacks in schools-including over the summer months.

    About time to have a forced liquidation of The Clinton Foundation and all other scams run by the corrupt elites with the proceeds from their stolen millions going to pay for all the freebies they feel are so deserved by illegal immigrants.

  4. paul b says:

    not much of a surprise. some one need.s. to trip RGB. soon

  5. Bob T. says:

    From the linked article at the end of it, we have this:

    “But the challengers of the public charge rule urged the justices to keep the stay in place.

    They said lifting it now, while the legal battle is still being waged, “would inject confusion and uncertainty” to the immigration system and could deter millions of noncitizens from applying for public benefits.”

    DUH!!! That’s precisely the point! Why in the mother of f*ck is a non-citizen, here legally or not, eligible to receive ANY kind of public benefits at all??? Teh Stoopid is strong with this one…

  6. pjrae54 says:

    Gotta love those fighting a sensible policy. Very easy for liberals to spend your money. It would be nice if they’d pass voluntary legislation: if you want your money to pay for illegal freeloaders, check here and we’ll just jack up your taxes and leave the rest of us alone.

  7. nonncom says:

    Good for the court….hell, even Roberts voted for Americans for a change….

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