Issues… this boy has serious issues…

A Kentucky man who claimed to have skinned four of his neighbors’ dogs to make a “doggy coat” has been charged with animal torture.

Jonathan D. Watkins, 38, was arrested in the Floyd County community of David on Dec. 23 after a neighbor called authorities, news outlets reported.

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5 Responses to Issues… this boy has serious issues…

  1. lilyrat says:

    Surprised he didn’t use the hide from the horses shot there.

  2. jayesouthworth says:

    I hear banjo music playing in the background. Send that fucker to Iraq!

  3. Guairdean says:

    I’m kinda disappointed that his last name wasn’t “De vil”.

  4. Eric says:

    Exhibit #4,775 why I believe some ‘people’ deserve to be shot in the head for the betterment of all mankind.

  5. MauserMedic says:

    That’s a good way to get yourself disappeared. Bet there’s a farm with hogs somewhere within 10 miles of his home.

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