Keeping Your Collection of Firearms Safe and Secure

U.S.A. –-( Firearm ownership is through the roof. Thieves walk among us. An honest reflection will lead anybody to believe neither is likely to change anytime soon. This leads to some dark places for the fraction of our culture that would rather steal than earn. I hate a thief folks, and I really do mean hate.

How do we protect ourselves against theft and burglary? Both active and passive security measures are helpful. Safes for your home, small vaults for your vehicle and your nightstand, as well as security systems reduce your chance of being a victim while keeping things safe and secure.

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3 Responses to Keeping Your Collection of Firearms Safe and Secure

  1. IslandGirl says:

    Dunno. Seems to me that these days thieves walking amongst you lucky gun owners might not be such a bad thing. Seems like a whole lotta thieves stole a lot of guns, especially in Virginia.

  2. Butch says:

    Best way to hide guns is in plain site. Kinda. Rent a storage locker in an area away from urban. Load your guns in “best” gun storage containers, then cover those with what looks like cardboard boxes. Banana Boxes, Heh!

    Pile some loose clothing on top of the pile and hanging out of the boxes, keep your rent paid, don’t talk about it. If you need a gun, visit the storage just before closing or just after opening, so the fewer eyes the better. Never allow anyone to see the interior of your locker. Make random trips to the locker as if it’s maybe your closet inside.

    I ran a business out of a storage locker for 20 years and no one even really knew what was going on. I could have been cooking meth and no one cared.

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