More from Bernie’s Boyz

Project Veritas Action released a new undercover investigation today that includes footage of another Bernie Sanders operative – Martin Weissgerber – calling for guillotines and revolution.

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  1. Berglander says:

    (((Martin Weissgerber,))) (((Kyle Jurek,))) (((Misty Rebik.))) But nothing to see here, it’s just a coincidence goy.

    • Wirecutter says:

      How come you don’t pick out the non-Jewish names from his organization? I bet there’s a bunch of them.

      • Ed says:

        Yeah, there gotta be at least…uh…maybe not…

      • Berglander says:

        When they get caught saying we should be in GULAG, I will!

      • Rick says:

        I think it comes from the Anglo-Saxon Theory, aka the Britain-Israel Theory. The theory goes something like this;

        #1 The royals in Britain are the rightful heirs to the throne of King David through Zedekiah, the last king of Judah. (Christ will not return to a non-existent throne, there’s a throne in Britain, descended from Zedekiah, ergo cathedra Dei.)

        #2 The ten lost tribes are the British and, by extension, Americans. Wherever and whoever are the lost tribes, they certainly are not the present-day Jews.

        #3 The present-day Jews are not descended from the Israelites. (The names Jew, Judah, Israelite, Israel are distinctive and not synonymous. The house of Judah and the house of Israel are not interchangeable. Current-day Jews are descended only from Judah.

        #4 Prophecy, promises, and prayer are fulfilled only through the bloodline of David. (see #1)

        Therefore, the present-day Jews are interlopers and usurpers. Therefore, they are to be ridiculed, mocked, persecuted, ‘called out’.

        Like many (most?, all?) nutball theories, lies are co-mingled with truth…’it sounds right, therefore it must be right’.

        I think this theory arose out of someone doing a genealogical trace of Queen Victoria done about the time of our War between the States. I doubt most, if not all, who parrot these attacks themselves are ignorant of the origins of the attacks. They simply parrot what they’ve read or heard. People have been doing that crap since the beginning.

  2. skipperdaddy says:

    Them jerkoffs aint the only ones dreaming of guillotines and cities burning, except in my dream its the bankers and globalists.

  3. Hybo says:

    This is just another reason that socialism/communism sucks. Talk to anyone that had to live under communism and they can tell you all about the “benefits” tyranny provides. Mom and dad lived and escaped communism back in 1956. They told me, many times, of the evils of communism which is why I am extremely anti-communist and damn proud of it. F socialism/communism.

  4. crazyeighter says:

    Careful what you wish for motherfucker.

    • Kapt Kaos says:

      You’ve got that right. His dumb ass will be dead and gone on Day1.

    • MT says:

      As soon as these man-buns see a little blood they’ll run screaming like little girls. Big talkers.

  5. Bert says:

    Weissgerber? Looks like Hitler missed one.

  6. Gryphon says:

    Communism was invented by (((those people))). They Own it, and ones like Bernie, Bloomturd, and their minions like this one need to be Called Out for what they are, the Enemies of Mankind.
    Someone called them “the Synagogue of Satan”… Wonder if He knew something?

    For Extra Credit –

    Notice the “Antifa” logo on communist party headquarters…

    • Wirecutter says:

      Fuck, I get sick and tired of the 5 or 6 readers blaming the world’s problems on Jews like they were the only ones fucking shit up.
      Go buy some more tinfoil, man.

      • Hybo says:

        I don’t think he is blaming all the world’s problems on the jews but if you do some research (no tinfoil needed) they were the inventors of communism. No, they are not the only ones screwing stuff up, we have plenty of brain-washed minions of the communists out there also.

      • Mark R says:

        Amen Wirecutter.

      • Berglander says:

        Everything I wrote was factual. Kyle Jurek was caught, on tape, talking about sending folks to reeducation camps. People like us. His boss, Misty Rebik, dismissed it and has no problem with what he said. Then a couple days later, Martin Weissgerber says the same thing. All three are Jews, working for Bernie Sanders, who is also Jewish. Are these folks part of a global Jewish cabal? Doubtful, except they do welcome a world-wide Commie revolution in which they end up in power.
        In other news, I get it. I wish that it wasn’t this way. I wish I didn’t wonder at every politician’s name, every reporter’s background, etc. But once you start looking, it’s not something you can stop…
        Folks are so woke on “billionaires, bankers, and global elites,” however when one mentions that most billionaires, bankers and global elites are Jewish, it’s just a tinfoil conspiracy.

        • Bert says:

          Often as not, whenever I learn of another powerful democrat with radical ideas it turns out he was born a Jew in Brooklyn, though does not “practice” anymore (other than theft, bribery, and deception).

        • Hybo says:

          Berglander gets it. One that does their own research that gets it. I urge you all to do your OWN research. I don’t hate much, but when I do, I absolutely hate communism and all that support it. My great-grandfather was literally beat to death by serbian commies. Some of my people were slaughtered by Bela Kun, yes, another jew communist. YOU do your research on him and see the truth. No tinfoil needed. Bernie would be so proud.

          • Wirecutter says:

            I’m not going to waste my time, thank you.

            • Berglander says:

              Thanks for continuing to post people’s comments, even when you disagree with them. I appreciate all you do with your site.

              • Wirecutter says:

                No problem, although I’ll say the world would be a much better place if everybody thought the way I do.
                That was a joke…..

                • Berglander says:

                  lol I completely agree!

                • Censusdesignatedplace says:

                  Now you sound like my wife! Haha.

                  By the way, this is how we don’t win,guys, Infighting. I see it all the time on CalG#ns.
                  Let’s try to keep our eyes on the prize.

  7. Bert says:

    The Jews have a long, long history that most people-myself included-do not fully understand. For example, study Isabella and Ferdinand’s (yes, C. Columbus’ patrons) Edict of Alhambra and try to come to grips with the impact it had on Europe for centuries.

    One thing for sure about the Jews: they seem to have much tighter tribal bonds than do most other groups. If you’re not in the Club, then, well, you’re not in the Club.

  8. Mals says:

    Right. Blame the Jews. Always works.

  9. Gator says:

    I like most of you guys, and I’m not trying to be an asshole, but I find it amusing that the people who will laugh at a ‘guess the race’ video when it’s something like 2 black women fighting over Popeyes chicken will balk at what is essentially a ‘guess the race’ type comment when some communist declares his desire to put people in a gulag and people point out that it’s a Jew, as it often is. Making fun of dindus is fine. But heavens to Betsy, don’t point out the Jewish propensity for communism. That gives me the vapors.

  10. Ohio Guy says:

    Mr. Weisberger says that he’s going to “arm up” and send my kind to a gulag. Welcome to the show, take a number. I’ll wait.

  11. Joe Biden's Dentures says:

    here’s my two-cents that I shared with the article:

    these fools’ echo-chamber self-delusion, and their hate for the go-along-to-get-along…pay as you go…stay in your lane normies that compose most of society will hopefully not result in large-scale violence; especially when Bernie’s sorry marxist diaper-wearing ass gets heave-hoed into the DNC dustbin.

    If these anarchist guys get violent anywhere in places where they don’t enjoy favorable anti-gun laws, tolerant liberal-indoctrinated urban populations to terrorize, and political cover from leftist mayors, state legislators and congresscritters…..they will be dealt with necessarily and appropriately.

  12. TomR says:

    And Adam Shiff and Jerry Nadler happen to be ——–!!

  13. LBD says:

    I am Jewish, and I have to say that too many Jews are prominent in left wing activities. I was going to use the word “coreligionists” but in fact these Jews are secular to the max and have substituted leftist ideology in place of religion. In the Jewish community, the more religiously observant the individual the more conservative their politics. When you see a reform rabbi on the golf course, he’s a lefty. When you see an Orthodox rabbi with full beard, fringes and black hat, you can count on it that he and his numerous cousins and congregation are solid Trump supporters.

    I live in a community with a substantial number of naturalized Americans from Israel. All are conservative and can’t fathom why Jews in general vote suicidally for left wing politicians.

    I can’t fault people for noticing how many of these characters are Jewish (although you’ll never find them actually, you know, practicing Judaism). If we claim with pride all the Nobel Prize winners we have to claim with shame the commies as well.

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