Thank you

Lisa and I really appreciate the well wishes for my mother-in-law.
Her knee replacement surgery went well, and she should be going home tomorrow. Then the physical therapy starts…..
She got a pretty good turnout as far as the waiting room went. There was my father-in-law, brother-in-law and his wife, me and Lisa and then several folks from their church.

We’ll be traveling back and forth to their place in Portland over the next week or two to help take care of their needs, so posting may be a little spotty at times with hours in between, but I don’t see any reason why I can’t post a few every day.
Thanks again.

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  1. pigpen51 says:

    Wishing her all the best as she works through rehab. I know that for some it is a breeze, and for others it is a struggle. Hope it is easy for her.

  2. Nemo says:

    Glad to hear things went well. Knee rehab therapy, especially if your mother in law is older(+80) isn’t going to be fun. My mother had her’s done when she was 88. She said the rehab was worse than the operation.

  3. Roland brown says:

    Encourage your mother-in-Law to do the post surgery P.T. First few weeks might to tough, but it make recovery quicker and long term results better

  4. Chris says:

    Great News! Take you time as we will be here waiting for your fun stuff!

  5. Richard Viall says:

    She has GOT to do the therapy. Short term pain equals long term comfort.

    • Gordon says:

      Glad to hear she’s doing well. I have had both of mine replaced do I can almost feel her pain. PT will hurt but it gets easier every day.

  6. Prayers for a successful rehab. Having had both knees replaced, I can give a small bit of advice, that helped me a lot during my rehab. If you can rent or lease a “leg extension machine” for a while, it will make it shorter and better. It doesn’t cost a whole bunch…and may even be covered by insurance. Mine was. It attaches to the bed, and you strap your leg into the machine. The machine is adjustable and makes your knee move while you are reclined. It’s important to get the “deflection” as well as the regular flexing. I often fell asleep while the machine ran. There are all kinds of muscles and ligaments that were “tweaked” during the op…and have to become useful again. As you get better you can adjust the quickness and the depth of flexation. Well worth it. Blessings!

  7. Trish says:

    Good to know it went as planned. Did they have her up and walking the day of the surgery? Someday it will be my turn but hope to postpone it for as long as possible. Sending her good thoughts.

  8. Chuck Smith says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Are you talking Portland Tennessee? I used to run truckloads of strawberries out of there back in the 1980s. Bought them in the field from a farmer named Doug, if I recall correctly.

  9. Fairplayjeepguy says:

    Had mine rebuilt rather than replaced. Gonna agree with all the other comments about PT. She must do it regardless of the discomfort. Good PT equal long term success. Best wishes and prayers headed her way.

  10. Kapt Kaos says:

    That’s good news. Here’s to a speedy recovery and physical therapy.

  11. Tree Mike says:

    Tree Mike here, I had my 1st knee done 2007ish. It sucked even though I was in pretty good shape as a 57 year old Tree Guy. You tend to stay in shape waving chain saws around while climbing trees. 2017 for my 2nd knee, after I moved to Tn. and out of shape. Sucked more, but did it right anyway and both knees work xlnt. VA did both, La Jolla, CA. for the 1st, Nashville Tn. for the 2nd. I was worried about Nashville, but their service has been close enough to La Jolla (a well funded hospital). With Navy Fleet, headquarters, repair, retirement all being in San Diego, you know it will be a show piece. Titanium knees are great.

  12. SgtBob says:

    You can take your time. My wife had a knee done in 2007, and she was using the leg machine the night of the day she got home. Also started physical therapy next day. I heard the PT, and after some sessions, when we were going home, I said to my wife, “I thought seriously about coming back there and making them stop whatever they were doing,” She said I should not do that.

  13. Bill says:

    Don’t sweat it man, posts can wait, we all understand. Taking care of family is priority # one as always.

  14. BlueMntCeltic says:

    Hang tough, as Bill says, we all understand, thanks for keeping us up to date as best you can.

  15. Craig Bailey says:

    Best wishes and prayers for a smooth recovery.

  16. Cederq says:

    So Kenny when do you her out mowing your lawn with a push mower and asshole Jack nipping at her heels? That will get her upped and rehabbed! Make her do sprints with the mower…

  17. Walrus says:

    Great to hear that things went well!

  18. Dano says:

    Hope all is good, Ken! My parents were in a bad car accident a couple weeks ago, but the car took the punishment instead of them. Hopefully your mom in law can recover soon!

    • MT says:

      So sorry to hear that! Angels must have been watching over them if the car took most of the impact. I hope they are doing ok.

  19. Bobo the Hobo says:

    Here’s hoping rehab goes well for your MIL and I echo others in that rehab hurts like hell but it’s totally worth it.

  20. Stevie says:

    Good to hear, Kenny. Don’t sweat the interruption in posting. You are better at disciplined posting than most others I follow.
    And by the way….We many of us have got us some ailing mothers in law….mine has four back fractures, and dementia like issues. My dear wife, who deals with it all way more than I do, feels your and Lisa’s pain. It is the burden many bear, with what grace we may have. Peace.

  21. K9Kill says:

    My pops had knee replacement surgery in November. The same day they had him walking, with a walker of course. But I was amazed how he could walk despite the very intrusive surgery.

  22. Al in Georgia says:

    Hope things go well for your mother in law. Take care of your family first, your blog will still be here. Be careful at the hospital and use hand sanitizer.

  23. Tim in AK says:

    Was it a repair/cleanup, or did she get it replaced?

  24. ShakeNbake says:

    Although none of my business, i feel i have to chime in on the rehab. I have personally only had one knee surgery. But i have had 11 different ankle surgeries resulting in an enormous amount of time spent working on rehab. I’m like Norm from cheers when i walk in the place. Spent so much time there i used to help out from time to time.

    Please tell her not only does it get better, but it usually happens fast. Faster then she thinks. Also, and i can not say this firmly enough, DO WHAT THEY SAY!!!! If you follow the rehab, and push through the hard part, like you should, the results a amazing. If you get lazy, or don’t listen and try to “cheat” your way through it, you will absolutely regret it. I have personal seen both sides of it from the crazy amount of time i spent there. Not to mention wife working at a nursing home/rehab center for 10 years, son An administrator at a nursing home/rehab center, oodles of friends and family working in and around the field.

    Man i have seen people half ass it, and it just makes life miserable. The flip side, those who followed it were so happy they had the surgery. Changed their life. I wish her luck. Tell her some guy you never met said, hey, make sure you do your rehab :)

  25. MT says:

    Wishing you safe travels and a speedy recovery to your MIL. Don’t worry about us. We can always reread what’s posted in the archives. Great stuff never gets old!!

  26. Lofty says:

    It is great that all went well. Do what you need to mate, you are being a good son in law.

  27. anonymous says:

    Happy to hear the procedure went off without a hitch. A big plus 1 for the advice of pushing the do the rehab work. One of my Uncles had a knew replaced several months ago, and put in a lot of work PRIOR to the surgery for being able to have a quick recovery. It payed off – he is very glad he did the procedure and has far less pain then before.

  28. waitingForTheStorm says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I’ve had both knees scoped. If you don’t do the therapy, the recovery is much worse. My first therapist told me “if it hurts, stop”. It took me almost 6 months to recover full use of that leg.

  29. WDS says:

    Always happy to hear good news and we’ll keep everyone in our prayers. Post when you can
    Kenny, we’re not crackin’ a whip ya know and we’re not leaving.

  30. Grog says:

    Good thoughts to Mom in law for a quick rehab and full recovery.

  31. CC says:

    In my 3rd year after TK R- USE the foam block; if you can’t straighten your leg completely you can’t walk correctly. Definitely put in the time on the CPM machine, walk & stretch & bend as much as possible.
    Toughest thing was getting to be able to go down steps with both legs, but there were other injury complications that made it more of a challenge

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