Treats That Will Make Your Hens Lay More Eggs

Healthy, happy hens lay more eggs. Has it been proven scientifically? I don’t know, but from my experience a healthy hen will produce more eggs than an unhealthy, miserable chicken.

Obviously, we can’t speed up the ‘egg clock’, but by keeping your hens in tip-top condition, you can ensure they will be producing high quality eggs without depleting their body reserves too much.

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3 Responses to Treats That Will Make Your Hens Lay More Eggs

  1. ron says:

    old time trick to get more eggs,feed only high protien layer feed, no corn or grains, when laying slows down, sprinkle small amount of red,cyanne, pepper on top of feed, that with plenty of water at all times.and 16 hours of light a day, will make hens pick production up
    this has worked for me for last 60 yrs

    • Wirecutter says:

      I feed my 4 birds layer pellets, cracked corn and occasionally greens. This year they apparently didn’t get the word that they’re supposed to quit lying in the winter because I’m still averaging 4 eggs every 3 days.

  2. Sanders says:

    Hang and axe up inside the hen house. Whack a couple, and the rest will get the message. (Said by an old timer with a grin.)

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