VA State Police drive over 100 miles to intimidate law biding citizens ahead of lobby day


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37 Responses to VA State Police drive over 100 miles to intimidate law biding citizens ahead of lobby day

  1. WoodBurner says:

    Soon to be on FOX as a commentator

  2. Cederq says:

    When is it the hell illegal to recon a site when the pigs do it all the time? They are setting up the patsies pure and simple, they are truly afraid of us if they are coming that far to “Talk” and see what’s going on.

  3. Gryphon says:

    Doesn’t look smart enough to understand the State Motto, IMO.

    Wonder who is watching his house (and family) on Monday….

  4. Kid says:

    Why were these guys even there ?

  5. Cops are only allowed on my property if I invite them, or they have a warrant. I would not have talked to them any longer than it took to find out what they wanted. Then they would have been told to leave, and I would go back inside, closed and locked the door.

    George got emotionally involved and then kept yappin’. ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU! You don’t need to be arrested first.

  6. 15Fixer says:

    WHY… oh WHY…. OH WHY OH WHY OH WHY even talk to these guys???????? Lying liars of the first order……… later on they’ll accuse the guy of lying to the cops, making false statements, yada yada…. like they did to Michael Flynn. NOTE to ALL…. Wirecutter has a side-bar on “Why To Never Talk To Cops” that needs to be watched at least once a quarter, so you in general Ever Trust Cops, Never Believe Cops, and Do Not Talk To Cops unless it is to say ” Call my lawyer.”

    • 15Fixer says:

      …sorry, should be…. “so you in general Never Trust Cops, Never Believe Cops, and Do Not Talk To Cops…”

  7. RosalindJ says:

    I found this on fb this morning. It had >100 views on youtube then, and it has a lot more now. It needed to get around, so thanks, Kenny. It’s ugly intimidation. Those LEOs probably knew enough about the guy down to the balance in his bank accounts by the time they arrived, and yet they still chose to show up. Guess they had to, right?

    I also dropped this in comments on IOTW earlier. Commenter Truckbuddy there provided the following transcript from the man’s wife in the video;

    This incident occurred on Saturday, 01.18.2020 at 8:57 in the morning. My husband became a target of the pending Red Flag Law in VA. The reason the police came is due to a visit (husband) made to the Capitol in order to become situationally aware of his surroundings on Lobby Day. His observations and the pictures he took made Capitol police concerned.
    (Husband) was not the only person on Capitol grounds that day. He was not the only person taking pictures either. But (his) size and stature coupled with his purposeful actions made him a target for a dry run on Red Flag laws on a citizen of Virginia. Red Flag Laws have not been legalized in VA at this point.
    The police told us they had a tip about (husband) but what we soon discovered was the tip to the police came from the Capitol police itself. The Capitol police saw my husband a threat and then tagged him as a danger. Ten days later the Capitol police, escorted with a State trooper came to our home. We had been rousted at our home on a quiet Saturday morning. Our home which is over a hundred miles from the Capitol and located at a 2nd amendment Sanctuary County.
    At this point you should know that one of them was a Capitol police officer and the other was a State Trooper, homicide division. The two officers had their hand on their weapons when my husband stepped out the door to greet them. And the rest you can see on this video. Please share this with anyone who has questions about the Red Flag Laws being proposed. Trump was correct when he said, “they are not after me. They are after you”.”

    • Outstanding find, RosalindJ. As a recent resident of VA, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the mindset in Richmond. But it’s not good.

    • 15Fixer says:

      I hate cops……
      “The soap box has been burned,
      The ballot box has been stolen,
      The jury box has been corrupted,
      What box does that leave?”

      Remember the Battle of Athens, TN!

  8. skipperdaddy says:

    He talked to them a helluva lot longer than I would have.

    • Elmo says:

      Like attempting to explain the Constitution to two guys who are ‘just following orders’ is going to do a lick of good.

  9. banzaibob says:

    You may want someone else driving on the way to the capital. There will be a lot of police on the way and getting pulled over will be a pain in the ass.

  10. Yinzer says:

    1). How did they know who he was? Facial recognition?? 2). I call bullshit on the “tip.” 3) They could care less who his father was. 4). Why is anyone going to this false flag event??

  11. Cavguy says:

    Hahahaha I made it to 38 seconds!

    Why is this guy talking to orks?

    It’s easy here’s what you do.

    Me: hello

    Orks: bla bla bla I’m head ork, we’d like to talk to you, we’ve got some questions for you.

    Me: do you have a warrant?

    Orks: no, but we saw you taking pictures and we think, bla bla bla, lie, more lies.

    Me: officer, one more time DO YOU HAVE A WARRANT, yes or no?

    Orks: well bla bla bla lie lie.

    Me: no warrant then, get off my property. We are done here, “I’m not discussing my business”. Door slams shut. Sound of lock.

    Be respectful, be diligent, be a man and know what to do and have the balls to do it.

    Oh you might get their name and badge numbers initially. Pass that information around. You know lists and such.

    Shit storm is getting ready to hit folks!!! Sure Hope you’ve been taking the advice and using this time to get ready for the storm.


    (mr fbi, dhs and fusion center hero these comments are for entertainment only and do not reflect any reality).

  12. warhorse says:

    get a warrant. and get the fuck off my property.

  13. Doug says:

    Get the badge number and report them for harassment to the local sheriff. Get them mad at each other.

    • Cavguy says:

      Doug, what a awesome idea.


    • Cederq says:

      Wife should have called the local Sheriff while her husband was talking way to long to these pigs. Ask to see their creds both badge and identification and a business card to retain. Then file harassment complaint with said local Sheriff.

  14. Sedition says:

    Governor Blackface has a grenade in his hand and a finger in the ring. Tomorrow, we will find out if he’s stupid enough to pull it.
    There is no “off-on” switch with this situation…once it’s on, it’s on.

  15. GI-had Joe says:

    It’s getting close. Northam is a fucking traitor as are the all the communists in the Virginia legislature.

  16. Andy says:

    That was one of the best “good cop, bad cop” conversations I have seen and all of ot was recorded audio and video by the cops. Mr. Wagner, you talk too much sir. A son of a state cop shoild know better.

  17. WilliamGene says:

    Yeah. Barney Fife ‘splaining this and that. This is the type of cop that would follow orders, right or wrong and will piss on the Constitution because “He is just doing his job”. Uh, huh. Coming to a town near you, if he isn’t there already. A real “Hero”. DHS loves people like this.

  18. SgtBob says:

    They got po-leece eyes, both of them. Just about every po-leece has mistrust in his eyes and absolute certainty that he is right and you are wrong, no matter the facts you present. And they will have those po-leece eyes until surrounded by a bright light and a voice asking, “Why do you continue to persecute me?”

    Oh, and they are accomplished liars, too.

  19. Brian Woods says:

    Around the 7:55 mark the officer says “I was instructed”. We will violate our oaths as long as we can say “I was just following orders”

    • LoL No says:

      Maybe folks will grow tired of waiting for them to show up and visit their homes, instead…. Intimidation while hiding behind a tin star should be fatal.

  20. nines says:

    He’s a geezer who needs to remind the cops whose side they’re on. Many more will come back to us when they are reminded. It will save the ones we need. He did the right thing. If either of those two had lost their shit on him, that’s one old MAN down, but since they didn’t, that could be how many more cops who won’t “just do their jobs” but actually uphold their oaths. Maybe none, or only one, but also maybe many more… especially if they see the video.

  21. Dan says:

    The commie left are JUST LIKE the Terminator…..and the line from that movie describes the situation perfectly. “It (they)can’t be bargained with. It (they) can’t be reasoned with. It (they) doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it (they) absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!” The commie left WILL NEVER give up their ceaseless efforts to destroy freedom and enslave all of us as long as they are turning oxygen into carbon dioxide.

  22. Kapt Kaos says:

    Why in the fuck is that dumb ass talking to the cops? Never talk to any cop.

  23. Phil B says:

    Your conversation with the Police should be:

    “Why are you here?”

    “Do you have a warrant (either a search warrant or an arrest warrant?”

    If the answer is “No” then ask them to leave.

    If they persist, then you answer every statement or question with “No comment” or “I have a right to remain silent and I will exercise that right until my attorney arrives”.

    If you are genuinely in trouble with the Police, then you will not talk your way out of it but you most certainly can talk your way into trouble with them.

  24. Cavguy says:

    Ken you should post this on Gab. I would but don’t know how from my iPhone.

    • Lineman says:

      Where was this guys Community to come to his aid after his wife sent out an alert to them Oh that’s right he doesn’t have one because of whatever the latest excuse is…

  25. Will says:

    The real question here is how many FBI jerks were hidden in the woods with a scoped rifle just waiting to shoot this guy and his wife right on their front porch? These FBI goons are after all the same type of scumbags who shot Mrs. Randy Weaver dead while holding her baby and also shot Lavoy Finicum in the back. My guess is these two 2A folks were milliseconds away from death by FBI long gun and did not know it. They are very lucky.

    To quote Fred Thompson from Hunt for Red October: “This business will get out of control”…

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