Virginia – back to business as usual

The protesters came out despite the frigid temperature to send a message to legislators, they said.

“The government doesn’t run us, we run the government,” said Kem Regik, a 20-year-old private security officer from northern Virginia who brought a white flag with a picture of a rifle captioned, “Come and take it.”

Northam was a particular focus of the protesters’ wrath. One poster showed his face superimposed on Adolf Hitler’s body.

But Democratic lawmakers — including House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn and Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw — told AP the rally wouldn’t impact their plans to pass gun-control measures, including universal background checks and a one-handgun-purchase-a-month limit. Democrats say tightening Virginia’s gun laws will make communities safer and help prevent mass shootings like the one last year in Virginia Beach, where a dozen people were killed in a municipal building.


Of course they didn’t listen to their constituents – if they’re so chickenshit that they went into hiding during the rally instead of addressing the crowd, then they’re damned sure not going to change their minds.
Maybe it’s time for a European style protest as many of you have suggested – surround the city with vehicles blocking every freeway, highway and road they can and shutting it down, nothing in and nothing out. Make them change their minds.

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37 Responses to Virginia – back to business as usual

  1. Sedition says:

    That right there is proof that a Civil War is inevitable.

    • CC says:

      Agree – and a point to ponder:
      If these assholes are willing to push such unpopular, unconstitutional laws on citizens when they’re armed, what do they have planned for them when they are not?
      I keep seeing scenes from Nazi Germany, people machine-gunned into ditches, and families loaded on to cattle cars.
      I wonder how many working AR-15’s there are out there whose receivers came from an untraceable hunk of forged aluminum?

      • riverrider says:

        don’t know about aluminum, but there’s enough plastic ones.

      • crazyeighter says:

        “I wonder how many working AR-15’s there are out there whose receivers came from an untraceable hunk of forged aluminum?”

        A number sufficient to make them poop their drawers.

    • skipperdaddy says:

      Hopefully it turns into more of a revolution than a civil war, but yea the horse has left the barn.

    • The same was said all too often in the past when similar measures were passed in California, DC, New York, Illinois, and a host of other places.

      But people bend over and do as they’re told because nobody is willing to be the first to be shot dead during a no-knock raid by SWAT to confiscate their weapons, a raid that will start with flash bang grenades and salvos from M16s and combat shotguns rather than a knock on the door.

      The few cells of preppers and self-proclaimed millitiamen out in the boonies can expect and will receive the same treatment as was granted to the Branch Davidians in Waco, something that also had people proclaiming that this was the tipping point and civil war was inevitable.
      Everyone else who claims to want to fight is either too disorganised (can’t fight the government on your own and people are too paranoid to organise armed resistance for fear of being ratted out, and because they trust each other even less than they trust the government) and/or lacks the skills to put up an effective resistance movement.

      No, this will go the same way as all the other anti-gun laws passed everywhere, people will grumble for a few months and then get on with life with one less piece of civil liberty and one more chunk chipped out of the constitution.

  2. Joe Rosenthal says:

    Filler-corn ? Richard Saslaw? Unusual names in the South….

  3. WiscoDave says:

    What have they been promised in return for this? I truly doubt that the strength of their convictions alone is making them go forward.
    Fools. This is far from over and won’t end well. The lists, I’m sure, have been made.

  4. Henk says:

    Don’t start European-type protests, those are all ‘protests’ to get more freebees, not rights.
    Unless of course you think you have the right to freebees.
    Oops, I just described the left.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I wasn’t referring to why they protest, but how. Big difference.

    • warhorse says:

      depends on the european-style protest you’re thinking of. my idea of a european protest means “bring out the guillotines”.

      • the other other Andrew says:

        The Farmer protests in France and the Netherlands are for very valid reasons.

        The city-dwelling assholes are passing rules that restrict use of fossil-fueled vehicles, over the amount of nitrogen that farm animals produce, over the use of animal-produced fertilizer because ‘it smells’, noise from farms, smells from farms. farm traffic. All the while clamping maximum prices the farmers will be paid for their produce and meats.

        Subtle hint here – One of the major causes of the French Revolution was the government placing restrictions on how much farmers could be paid for their produce – making a naturally occurring shortage of wheat and other grains (caused by… an Icelandic volcano, no, seriously) a worse situation by restricting farmers from selling their stuff at higher prices (due to lower yield per acre) while at the same time taxing the farmers more per acre than before.

        Seriously. The Farmer protests using tractors are for a very valid reason. It’s not because the farmers are protesting lack of subsidies, no, they are protesting being legislated out of existence.

  5. RocketmanKarl says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. Demonstrations do nothing when they have no respect for the demonstrators or their way of life. Hit them where it hurts: stop all deliveries of food or fuel to Richmond for a week, and make clear that they have bitten the hands that quite literally feed them. In the words of Tyler Durden: “Do not fuck with us!”

    • Aesop says:

      Waitwaitwait…”demonstrations do nothing“??

      But but but…thousands of gun LARPers!
      Muh Constitooshun!

      You must be mistaken.

      Demonstrations are brilliant.
      They should do them weekly, because MOAR! Harder!

      Then, outnumbered as they already are, they should try voting at the problem too.
      Oh, and letters to the editor!

      That’ll show those gun-grabbing bastiches!

      • 15Fixer says:

        I know the futility of it, but do the Recall and Referendum route WHILE you’re exercising, training, practicing, and preparing that we all ‘talk’ about (and some ARE doing). I have no hope of it working, but …. The Demonrats are convinced in their own minds they know best, they are the best, and us deplorables are just stupid. That is why they will NEVER EVER listen. They’ll just keep going, until …… Twenty, thirty years down the road I want to look my grandkids in the eyes and tell them “We honestly tried, we went through all the civilized steps to try and reconcile, but the Destroyers were just out of their minds. There was no reaching them, that’s why we had to kill so many…”

  6. UH1H CE says:

    So I’m confused: The two Virginia mass-shooting with which I’m familiar, VA Beach & VA Tech both happened on Gun Free Zone Virginia government property. Where the State failed to keep those they disarmed safe. And the proposed solution is to disarm the citizens? Also, the only assault rifles I see on the streets of Fairfax County are carried by the cops, who call them personal defense weapons. Who do the cops plan to assault? While they call my personal defense weapon an assault rifle? See my conundrum?

  7. crazyeighter says:

    “Democrats say tightening Virginia’s gun laws will make communities safer and help prevent mass shootings like the one last year in Virginia Beach, where a dozen people were killed in a municipal building.”

    I notice that the article didn’t mention that the Virginia Beach shooting was done by a disgruntled ex- government employee in a gun free zone, or how the laws they’re passing would have prevented it.

  8. RosalindJ says:

    They’re starting with this one, I think.

  9. Pointy End Out says:

    European blockade but ONLY around the government center, no one in and screen who goes out. Bound to catch a few of the rats and make them “rethink” their position.

  10. Large Marge says:

    You know… sometimes… I wish I had a one-firearm-a-month rule. [right after sending in audition video for ‘Gun Hoarders’ televisionprogramming]

  11. Rick says:

    They have no reason to worry about citizens rights, as long as they are getting millions from Bloomberg.

    • Jeff C. in NC says:

      I am sick and tired of his f*&#ing commercials here in NC. Thankfully we can blast through them but you can still tell exactly the shit that he is spewing. Remember “gun control inc” that he founded?

      • crazyeighter says:

        Yes. And I also remember “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”, Everytown For Gun Safety” and the “Mothers Demand Action”.

  12. Cavguy says:

    It’s all a fucking waste of time until .gov employees and legislators are held responsible for their actions.

    Permanently, no restart game, no reboot brain, nada!

    But ma sportzball, ma deer hunting, ma nascar, ma mortgage, ma job, ma vacation! I’ll vote or send a letter that’ll get them to change their minds.

    Liberty is gone in a whimper!

    It’ll take cold hard men and women to act. And some of them are very very pissed.

    Keep your local lists updated.

    Hips and heads, hips and heads.


    I and others were wrong about the outcome yesterday. Cool heads prevailed! Thank God!

  13. kevinH says:

    This attitude from the left is understandable, we have always compromised on this issue, why would they think we would stop now? Until we rise as one and shout “Not one more inch, We will NOT comply” they have no reason to think they can’t do anything they wish to…

  14. Bright Eyes says:

    I keep hearing the Gov. was saying he didn’t want another Charlottesville. The demonstrator in Charlottesville was killed by a fuckin car.

  15. Sanders says:

    NRA Treachery in Virginia! VA Director Admits They Are Willing to Compromise With Northam and Democrats!

    • crazyeighter says:

      Amazing how fast NRA kowtows when the Governor threatens their indoor range.

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