Was it worth it, asshole?

NASHVILLE (WSMV) – A 50-year-old man will spend 26-1/2 years in prison for child exploitation and sex crimes after he was found guilty of traveling to Nashville to have sex with a 15-year-old girl.

According to US Attorney Don Cochran’s Office, James Frei of Union Mills, N.C. was found guilty by a federal jury in February 2019 on four counts of production of child pornography, one count of enticing a minor to engage in sexual conduct, two counts of traveling in interstate commerce for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of transporting child pornography.

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22 Responses to Was it worth it, asshole?

  1. joe says:

    Just shoot him.

  2. Ragnar says:

    If he gets put in GP he won’t last two weeks.

  3. Kid says:

    How stupid are these vermin?

  4. Ken M says:

    Sentences for pedo/hebophiles are just stupid. An overwhelming majority of child sex criminals repeat once they are out of jail, regardless of time served or perpetrator age. These crimes should be considered at capital offenses, with only 2 options: life or death.

  5. I won’t defend or condemn a man or for that matter label/call him a pedophile until I see the victim. 15 years old can be a woman and I have seen more than a few 15 year olds who flat out acted like full grown women literally begging to be treated like one. Now if the victim(s) looks like a child or acts like a child they should be executed cause that is violating a natural law of protectiveness and means they are simply wired wrong with no hope of redemption. Otherwise most statutory laws are way over punished and heavily biased towards hurting men more than women who prey on young men.

    • Doug says:

      I ws also wondering about this 15 yr old. Was she encouraging him? Multiple engagements??

    • Cederq says:

      I was duped by a 13 year old girl who was in beer garden and was dolled up like an older woman and lucky for me a bud said check her age and I did by have the bartender card her and she broke down and told her real age. The poop hit the fan and she was escorted just off the property and the cops called.

    • Rayvet says:

      UMMM. Nope. Men of his age have the responsibility of “due” diligence. You might like that fact but that’s the way it is in this day and age. Plus, if you read the article, the guy had done this with other girls AND had 10 years of child porn on his phone. No excuses for vermin like this.

      • Legal or him being a scum bag is NOT the issue here for me. Calling him a pedophile without seeing if the girls actually look like children is. If the guy just likes children then he is a monster but if they look like women he is not a pedophile just stupid.

    • Sanders says:

      If you read the article, you’ll see that he was a serial pedophile. Not just some guy who got duped by a mature teenager.

      I almost got fooled by a teenager when I was 21, in Germany. I believe the law in Germany, at that time, would have allowed it. I’m not so sure about the UCMJ, though.

      However; I had my own personal standards, and they did not include 16 yr. old girls – no matter how good they looked. In fact, at that time, I was actually into women slightly older than me.

      • Cederq says:

        Yup older women… they don’t tell, they don’t swell and they sure appreciate it like hell.

  6. Henk says:

    It won’t be long before the letter P is added to the alphabet people.

    • Joe Blow says:

      They’re already trying…..
      Thats the amazing part… the most demented, sick, twisted shit, and they try to normalize it.
      Folks, grown men putting their willy in little kids is every bit as fucked up as dressing like a drag queen and reading children’s stories to kids. These people are whacked, fucked in the head… there is no rehabilitating them. You can drug them into submission, or eliminate them… but don’t let me find them within my arms length of my kids.

  7. SinepuxentSerf says:

    In my neck of the woods, our guys run some nice stings and catch a few each month. I bake them blueberry muffins. Sometimes oatmeal raisin cookies.

  8. Hybo says:

    Back in the old days, these bastards would be killed by those that caught them. Done deal. This is the absolute worst crime in all, taking the innocence of a child forever. Worse than murder. Maybe we should deal with it the same way as before.

  9. brent says:

    I guess not every demonrat can afford a plane ticket to Epstein (I didn’t kill myself) Island.

  10. Eastwood says:

    MF got what he deserved. Shy of castration.

  11. Shark says:

    Saw this while dealing with law enforcement professionally. These child sexual predators (and the consumers of child porn) are so hardwired to their obsession that they won’t conform their behavior despite the extreme risks for them in our country. There is no cure, not even a successful treatment for the symptoms. Except, of course, for high-speed lead poisoning or lifetime imprisonment – – often the prison population will end their existence when our oh-so-polite society won’t.

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