Wednesday gifdump


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  1. jayesouthworth says:

    #10, I would have keyed it instead.

    • Timbotoo says:

      #6 Damn hooligan!

    • Done in Dallas. says:

      Reminds me of when I was in high school and worked at a fast food place next to a bar. One night, one of the girls there was parked in by a model 914 Porsche. I went into the bar a couple of times and could not get anybody to move it. When I came out the 3rd time or so she took matters into her own hands, cranked up the ’67 Pontiac Bonneville and preceded to push it aside.

    • LoL No says:

      Bragging about what a chickenshit you are ain’t a good look, chickenshit. Here’s hoping it costs you a few fuckin teeth if you ever muster the balls to do so. Punk.

      • WeeBrowser says:

        LoL No re-read the comment, Done in Dallas didn’t push the car, the anonymous girl did. Have you always suffered from Cranial Anal Inversion?

      • Jeremy says:

        He wasn’t bragging about being a chickenshit, he was telling what happened to a chickenshit who owned a Porsche.

  2. Elmo says:

    Remind me not to cut wood with the idiot in #1.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I don’t even tip cut small branches.

    • Rob says:

      The safety worked

      • Paul B says:

        Safety? he hit the ceiling. One lucky dude.

        • WoodBurner says:

          The safety is the kick back bar that stops/ locks the chain and it worked as designed.

          The operator is inexperienced at best.

          • our scoutmaster had cut pulpwood for a living when he was younger and had a blue homelite bowsaw. He was cutting down brush and stuff around the scout hut and caught some honeysuckle vines in his saw, he tried to power out of it but it kicked back and cut a 6 inch gash in his neck, nicking his arteries and veins, bleeding like hell. he stuck his hand inside it and made a fist. we got him on a backboard and got him on an ambulance and he lived.

            to this day i’m very cautious when i use my saw, even with the chainbreak. ps his didn’t have one

    • Lofty says:

      Yup no skills for that lad..using the danger zone on the tip, he was just lucky..that is all.

  3. tallow pot says:

    #1 one lucky S.o.B.

    • Elmo says:

      If that had been me (and it never would be) I would have immediately gotten down from where he was, gotten on my knees to pray to the Lord, and asked him to bless the inventor of the chain brake, wherever he might be.
      Then I would have excused myself and gone to a private location to change my shorts.

      • arc says:

        I had to remove the chainbrake on my worn out chainsaw, MS251C Sthil. When I saw that the handle alone was $50+, I realized I couldn’t afford to fix it. I never really used the brake so it must be an engineered fail point to get it back in the shop. Saw is about four years ago and they just aren’t made like the old ones. Maybe the commercial line is better, but I shouldn’t have to go get a contractor grade saw just to get something that doesn’t wear out after a few years of use.

        I ended up replacing just the sprocket and needle bearing which rusted to the clutch. Apparently they are disposable and are also supposed to be greased from time to time.

        Before someone screams at me about safety, the saw is retired to bucking firewood and I don’t make a habit of tip cutting. Someone went against my wishes and bought a new one for Christmas.

        • Elmo says:

          If you do eBay, next time you need parts try them.
          Be careful out there, arc.

          • arc says:

            I do a lot of selling on Ebay and Etsy, the best option was $24 for brand name. I forget if it was new-oldstock, or pulled from another saw, but it was still too much. The china clone was $8 and fit right in without fuss, if it lasts more than 1/3rd that of a brand name part, it will be worth it in the long run.

            I won’t be broke forever. I had a limited few weeks in Q4 2019 to conduct business, but 2020 will likely start in late Q1 and run all year, just needs to warm up in the northern states.

            I try to be careful, no insurance will do that.

  4. kennymac says:

    #4. Why I didn’t go out for the diving team and stayed on the swimming team.

    #5. Without looking I think that is the skeleton. But we are going on a family trip to the luge in Muskegon in February. If you don’t hear from me after that you’ll know why. PigPen, I think you are close, you can claim my belongings.

    #6. Meh. In Detroit, our goat gangs loot after they break the windows. Amateurs.

  5. Richard says:

    #6 — Antifa in sheep’s clothing protesting an NRA meeting?

  6. Kevin says:

    Knew a guy that killed hisself that way. Bar came up between his eyes. He got his girlfriend called but she didnt know where he went to get firewood. By the time a local cowboy heard about qhat happened and had an idea wgere where he was he had bled out.

  7. Doug says:

    Good ol’ chainsaw carpentry…..only the finest will do-oopsie. Good thing he hit the ceiling before his forehead!

    • John says:

      If it was just the ceiling, the chainsaw would have continued to kick back. Hitting the ceiling like that would just make it kick back harder and faster, as the chain is pushing the saw at that point.

      As was pointed out elsewhere, it was the chain brake that saved the dudes complexion and possibly his life – its the bit where the shield in front of the handle kicks forward and engages the brake, and it’s there for precisely this situation. Safeties don’t always work, or don’t always work well enough to prevent serious injury, so this guy got hugely lucky.

      It would have been (slightly) safer to hold the saw much higher, with the back of his hand touching the ceiling. Cutting with the top of the blade is much safer, and that way if it kicks back, it kicks the whole saw back instead of twisting it, and he’d have lost a few teeth instead of bisecting his face. Still stupid, just not quite as bad.

      Cutting with the tip of the saw is for the brave, and cutting with the *top* of the tip is for those who have a grip like iron, trust in the safeties, are in a hurry, and don’t have an adequate appreciation for the danger. Shit like this is why limbing the tree is where most of the serious injuries happen.

  8. Brenda says:

    #10-I like what he did there!
    I used to drive a huge Dodge pickup in San Jose, CA. I would park diagonal in the tiny parking spaces farthest from the entrance to the mall leaving LOTS of empty spaces for others. I still got yelled at by the malls “parking police” and customers. If I had parked straight near other cars I would have stuck out too far in the rear and if someone parked next to me someone would not be able to get in or out of their vehicle. I guess I could have parked straight in a distant spot but I still would stick out into the lane. I thought I was being considerate. What do I know? As someone said to me, “Why do you need such a big truck???” Now we live in the country where everyone has a big truck!! So much nicer!

    • Wirecutter says:

      At the Walmart here, they have a parking lot off on the side of the east entrance that has monster sized parking spots. It’s not unusual to see tractors parked out there as well as farm trucks.

  9. mathman54 says:

    #7 is a California motorcyclist who forgot he wasn’t on his bike.

  10. Al_in_Ottawa says:

    #7 Whoever is driving the red car has excellent situational awareness. The driver of the white car, not so much.

  11. John says:

    He’s still an idiot for driving something no one will see, and without either a roll cage or a helmet. “Fender Bender” has a bit of a different meaning when “fender” is your face!

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