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7 Responses to Word

  1. Putz says:

    I usually drink my coffee black…not validating anything in this post but on occasion images may or may not have gone through my head of my hands wrapped firmly around the neck of the guy ordering that other drink.

  2. Moscow Hippy says:

    Guilty as charged. When out and about I order “coffee. black as my sole”.

  3. Put me on the jury, I’m sure he’s intention was to put that moron out of everyones misery.

    … and for dessert the jerk was probably going to ask for a slice of the Antifa cake uptop.

  4. Bright Eyes says:

    Yup, black coffee and I’ve no idea what the second thing is. A melted candy bar in a cup?

  5. Michael in Nelson says:

    It would not be murder but justifiable homicide.

  6. Old Gray Wolf says:

    I don’t drink coffee. Don’t need it to wake up, nor to hate the drinkers of those faggot “coffees”. Hell, my wife and daughters drink their coffee black. And I am far more “psycho” than they are.

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