A refreshing change from Taylor Swift’s mouth

Video of country musician Bryan Lewis performing a new song titled “Maybe I’ll Vote Democrat Again” at a Missoula County Republican Central Committee is sparking controversy throughout the country.

The humorous tune exposes the disastrous leadership of the Democratic Party and provides hypothetical situations that could convince the singer to “vote Democrat again.”

For example, Lewis sings, “So when the Jews and the Arabs call a truce, Caitlyn’s back to being Bruce, when the Clintons finally get the noose, maybe I’ll vote Democrat again.”


Even if this was ever played on the radio, I’ll never hear it. I hardly ever listen to the radio anymore and as I found out the other day, it’s for good reason.
I was in the truck and went to turn the stereo on. I must’ve accidentally hit the radio button as I was turning it on because a Nashville station came on – playing a country song. A rap country song. What the hell…? I damned near punched a hole in the dashboard trying to switch it over to the Waylon CD in the stereo.
Man, I knew Country music had fallen far, but rap? Really?

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  1. Biblicalviolence says:

    Basically cultural appropriation is what you heard on the radio. 4GW* Destroy the classic elements of country music by supplanting it with elements of the other end of the spectrum and the traditional listener base becomes destabilized. An attempt at uprooting southern culture.

  2. Shell says:

    “Hick-hop” it’s disparagingly called.

  3. snuffy says:

    From the original, “It makes us all look like a bunch of racist idiots and jackasses,” he said he wanted to tell her. “I get it’s a joke, I get that. But not professional, not funny, in my opinion. Leave it to the comedians.”
    “Ramos said he was personally hurt by the local Republican committee sharing the video because he felt it undermined work he had done to try to “extend an olive branch” to moderate Democrats.” I must have listened to some other song, because I didn’t hear anything racist. As far as “moderate Democrats”, name one. This Ramos is a fucking idiot. No more fucking olive branches, no more fucking compromise. You want to compromise, join the fucking NRA.

  4. hvlee says:

    Read the other day that Loretta Lynn had pronounced Country Music dead. I listen to Internet radio entirely. Harvard, of all places, has a program on Saturday morning called “Hillbilly at Harvard”. The host, Cousin Lynn, plays real traditional Country Music and Bluegrass from its roots to modern. The station also plays Classical music, Metal, Jazz and Blues at various times.

    That’s WHRB.org Saturday mornings 0900-1300.

  5. Bill fold says:

    Will the Republicans EVER stop taking orders from the Democrats, if they did perhaps I could vote for some of them

  6. Loadedforbear says:

    I don’t know, Taylor Swift has an awful purrty lil mouth…….

  7. Tom MacGyver says:

    Funny; I was just talking to some folks on the ham radio about this wile on the way to work. I specifically brought up how they’re inserting rap into “country songs.” Today’s “country” is not country. It’s not pop. It’s not hip-hop. It’s a mishmash of everything, and not good for anything. …Pure trashcan material…

  8. Daryl says:

    Remember the outrage when John Denver was considered C&W?

  9. AZRobert says:

    Elton John was a head of his time with “Texas Love Song”……….

  10. Jason1911 says:

    I’m with ya all the way but, speaking of Waylon, his son and a grandson sing that shit. He even sang on a rap with his grandson. It is called “Outlaw Shit”. Pretty much says it all.

  11. Paraclete says:

    There’s only 1 remedy for this syndrome…
    WNCW 88.7 FM or
    WNCW.ORG for those who’ll choose to listen on line.
    This is the best station since WHFS.
    2019 was their 30 years and going strong anniversary.
    Saturday night house party and many other programs
    NO COMMERCIALS…just announcements for
    regional events and artists performances.
    Once you experience it…you’re hooked

  12. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    You’re right about Radio Wirecutter and you can blame Romney for a big part of that, after Clinton loosened up the ownership rules so just one or two companies could own all the good signals, Romney’s company, Bain, bought out Clear Channel and fired all the talent. Then they hired Ryan Seacrest (SUCH a talent /sarc), and all the sudden he was on 500 Radio stations via satellite.
    The move threw Radio in the trash, along with all the other competition from “new” media and smartphones.
    But I speak from experience, it WAS fun while it lasted..I was in the biz on-air, in sales, and management for over 20 years.

  13. Dirty Dingus McGee says:

    Hank Williams III – Dick In Dixie


  14. anonymous says:

    Frickin’ rap music has crossed over to many different music styles, unfortunately. The early rap artists(Tone Loc and others- very late 80’s – early 90’s) wasn’t too bad, but when it changed to ‘Prison Rap’ (Give me yo money and yo wallet or I’ll kill the bitch that is with you – chic a chic a chic …). No way man.

  15. Sanders says:

    I’ve got something for Taylor Swift’s mouth that will shut her up. I’d be willing to take one for the team – or several.

  16. mbob says:

    Rap is culture appropriation by blacks and Bob Dylan fans are pissed.

  17. Shaftoe says:

    Cody Jinks is saving country music.

  18. BadFrog says:

    Rap country? You need your ears tested. That was some cunty artist singing about rape or hip-hop as it’s known.

  19. Steve says:

    Country Rap is called CRap.

  20. Chris Mallory says:

    I don’t like rap. But randomly listening to stuff on Youtube, I found a group called “GangsterGrass”. They are a fusion of Bluegrass and Hip Hop. Some of their stuff really works. “You can never go home again” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCEHQ_nhxOA and “Nickel and Dime Blues” especially. Found another group out of Canada, The Dead South. Some good stuff, check out “In Hell I’ll be in Good Company”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9FzVhw8_bY

  21. singlestack says:

    I work with a bunch of young guys that listen to pop country and rap. Some days it’s hard to go 10 hours without killing some motherfuckers.

  22. William Marcom says:

    I cannot stand “Bubblegum Country music”.

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