And the whining immediately started…

NASHVILLE, Tennessee — People on the left side of the political spectrum warned Thursday that more Tennesseans will die if Republican Gov. Bill Lee gets his way on his proposed Constitutional Carry Law.

Lee, flanked by several Republican members of the Tennessee General Assembly, introduced the bill at a press conference at the state capitol Thursday.


Because Nashville, Memphis and other big cities in Tennessee were already safe places… I mean, there was absolutely no crime in them before, right?
Look, one of the reasons that this was proposed was because of the huge number of guns that were stolen out of cars, the reason being is that it was already legal to carry a gun in your vehicle without a permit, but if you left your vehicle the gun had to stay in it – unless you had a permit. Thieves knew this and took advantage of it, so basically what these idiots are saying is that it’s fine for these criminals to get guns that will be used in violent crimes against law abiding citizens that won’t be able to protect themselves.

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13 Responses to And the whining immediately started…

  1. ScottTN says:

    Yep, just like all the other Constitutional Carry States, the streets will be awash with the blood.


    • Wirecutter says:

      I’m thinking that any blood that will be shed will be from people that deserve it.
      Maybe I lead a sheltered life but I don’t personally know a single person that would shoot somebody just for grins. Not one.

    • flighterdoc says:

      Tennesseans must not be as mentally stable as the rest of the world..

    • DCE says:

      Yeah, the same kind of folks made the same claims when my home state (New Hampshire) became a constitutional carry state a few years ago. The effect? Crime went down. (Not that we had much to begin with.) The same was true of our two neighboring states, Vermont and Maine. (Yes, liberal Vermont is a constitutional carry state. Who’da thunk it?)

      • crazyeighter says:

        Vermont has NEVER had any form of carry permit. Before it became “Constitutional Carry” it was known as “Vermont Carry”.

    • Alemaster says:

      Yes Sir! Tennessee can look up here to Kentucky to see just how bad it’s become since allowing Constitutional Concealed Carry (we always were a Constitutional Open Carry Commonwealth) last year. Horrible, just horrible I tell you………..Oh, wait! regards, Alemaster

  2. Henk says:

    More people will die with these new rules?
    That’s indeed the plan.
    These laws are created in an effort to catch up with the murder count in cities like Chicago.
    As a future socialist nation we just want to make sure that we have complete equality and even will set a minimum quota on murders, whether it is from legal or illegal guns.

    Vote for socialism, vote for equality, vote for shared misery!

  3. Mister BlueSky says:

    “If people don’t have to go through a permitting system where there are checks and balances then they don’t even have to go through a background check,” Frazier said.

    Ms. Frazier fails to understand the phrase “checks and balances”.

  4. hvlee says:

    Trying for a little positive press from the commoners after the refugee horde?

  5. waitingForTheStorm says:

    I will continue to get the 8 year enhanced permit as long as it is available. The permit is recognized, via reciprocal agreements, in many other states. I don’t think other permit-only states will necessarily respect the constitutional carry designation. I don’t like to travel, but when I do I like to go armed.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ve got a handgun on my person from the moment I put my pants on until I take them off at night. But you’re right, I can’t think of any permit State that wouldn’t throw you in jail for carrying a handgun without a permit they recognize. Hell, there’s some permit States that don’t honor any other State’s permit but their own, California being one of them.
      Here’s a handy resource for you in case you do have to travel:

      • Stentor says:

        With a California permit, yoi can obtain out-of-state Florida, and Arizona, permits. Given reciprocity, 42 states are thus covered.
        Oregon you have to apply for separately, and Nevada has its own requirements.

        The others you don’t want to go to anyway.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Actually, damned near any State that honors my Tennessee permit honors a California permit. California’s government are the assholes, not everybody else.

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