Are We Already in Collapse2?

As discussed yesterday, no, no we are not. The collapse only starts when the fighting for food begins. As long as everyone is eating sufficiently, we are still TECHNICALLY in mere “decline”. Historians might look back and judge the date of collapse differently, but that is lack of evidence and Best Guesses. Here, boots on the ground, collapse starts when order isn’t maintained. You will see little comfort as your corpse is cooling after an attack by OtherColor militia disguised as Disadvantaged Youth Forced Into Crime Due To Socioeconomic Forces, but if your neighbors are eating and there are police to take a report of the crime, it isn’t collapse yet.

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2 Responses to Are We Already in Collapse2?

  1. Nemo says:

    November 6, 2024.

  2. enn ess says:

    Things will be the ever increasing clown show shiteree up until then. With the stack market fairly stable, economy trundling along, etc. etc. etc. After Nov6th 2024, dependent upon the people actually running and their actual abilities, it is going to be an all bets are off event. If the progs even come close, it might be a very good time to collect what you have, including turning market finances into a harder type of currency, and bury yourself deep. Use the next 4 to prepare wisely!

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