Jesse Evans

Jesse Evans (born c. 1853; date of death unknown, disappeared 1882) was an outlaw and gunman of the Old West, and leader of the Jesse Evans Gang. He has received some attention due to his disappearance in 1882, after which he was never seen or heard from again.

Jesse J. Evans was believed to have been born in Missouri, although some historians believe he was born in Texas. He was half-Cherokee, and a graduate of Washington and Lee College in Virginia. It is unknown as to what caused Evans to go from a promising life to that of an outlaw. It is possibly due to a poor influence within his family structure, as he was arrested with both his mother and his father on June 26, 1871, in Elk City, Kansas, for passing counterfeit money. He was released shortly thereafter, and by 1872 he was in the New Mexico Territory.

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4 Responses to Jesse Evans

  1. SgtBob says:

    Funny how some bad guys didn’t die in the century accepted by historians. The Kid, Butch and Sundance, Jesse James. List goes on. And on.

    • Wirecutter says:

      There’s a huge amount of both outlaws and lawmen that lived by the gun that expired in the early to mid 20th century.

      • SgtBob says:

        I guess the country was changing, but they didn’t intend to. Been a few movies with that premise, too. Wild Bunch comes to mind, Had a good friend, gunner on my Sheridan in 1968. He was born the wrong century. We lost contact. I was doing some searching a couple of months ago, found a death certificate from the right state, parent’s names matched. Cause of death was gunshot wound to the head. Didn’t really surprise me. The self-inflicted part, well, maybe and maybe not. Could go either way.

  2. Jason says:

    My dad’s (and mine) hunting partner was doing some family research and found that there was a strong chance that this was his grandfather. A couple of things Merlin passed on about his research was that no one messed with Grandpa Jesse and William Bonney was extremely afraid of him.

    As a side note, you guys would have loved to have sat down with Merlin (he passed of cancer this past year). He had a very enriched life full of stories on growing up hunting, fishing, and breaking horses and constant causing mischief.

    Sorry that I do not have much more to add to the above but it is what it is.

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