Lost Highway: The History of American Country ● “Beyond Nashville”

Not bad, but I could’ve gone all day without hearing about Garth Brooks. I dislike his music and showmanship almost as much as I do Justin Bieber. Almost…
Not to worry, though – the video devotes maybe 5 minutes to him and it’s toward the end.

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9 Responses to Lost Highway: The History of American Country ● “Beyond Nashville”

  1. Bilderback says:

    Brooks is mentioned for the simple reason he sold more records and seats than anyone had before, not because of any impact on country music. Like everything else, it’s about the cash; it always comes down to that and the rest is BS in search of profundity. Brooks’ success is a testament to to the execrable taste of the public. Your opinion of him is a tribute to your common sense.

  2. Trib says:

    country went to shit in late 80’s and early 70’s. I blame video, line dancing and fuck up movie’s like Urban Cowfag.

  3. Skillet says:

    Garth Brooks has about as much country as Obama’s pussy! You think you hate the Stones? Do not get me started. When I hear his voice come on the radio, I want to punch that cock sucker in the mouth. And to top it off, there is a damn bill board directly above my office with his big azz mug, Pass It On. Coming from an “Okie” that loves country music. Did I mention I cannot stand the sound of that MF’er phony impersonator? For a bonus, big red garth brooks tom cruise, google.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Man, I hate the Stones and I hate Garth Brooks, not sure which ones I hate the most. Garth Brooks’ ‘performances’ were more than enough to turn me off, then you have to take into consideration that his so-called music ain’t nothing but pop country, basically a male Taylor Swift with a fatter ass.

  4. Hybo says:

    I agree with you on Barf Brooks. Never liked him for the same reasons. The only song that I like of his is The Dance. Never bought a CD or went to his show.

  5. Texan says:

    He is as fake as he can be when he starts with the water works on his specials and his acting like he is bowlegged. He made it big with his wife Sandi and then dumped her ass so he could marry Trisha Yearwood who he was doing while on tour.

  6. Aaron Yetter says:

    I prefer dark country. I like mine about vengance, feuding, vendettas and deals with the devil.

  7. William Marcom says:

    Never liked Garthy….change the station every time his crap is played.
    He signaled the beginning of the rapid decline of Country Music in the early 90s.

  8. Stevie says:

    Thanks to the likes of Garth Brooks, country music has declined greatly. There are still real country musicians, but they don’t get air play on any of those “new” country stations. It is all a bunch of pop stars with cowboy hats and banal songs.

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