MA City Allowing Illegal Aliens to Drive Without A License

City councilors in Cambridge, Massachusetts, voted to prohibit police officers from arresting illegal aliens if they are caught operating a vehicle without a license.

Under a newly passed city ordinance in Cambridge, residents are still legally required to carry a driver’s license if they are operating a vehicle, but local law enforcement has been ordered not to arrest illegal aliens caught driving without identification, Boston 25 News first reported.

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20 Responses to MA City Allowing Illegal Aliens to Drive Without A License

  1. Used to visit Cambridge to work, to eat, to go to clubs, shop and fence. Now I’m dragged there once a year by my girlfriend to have Thanksgiving at her daughters third floor walkup, we take her car.
    It used to be the place for the colorful weird, now you could walk from Lechmere to Inman Sq without hearing a word of English.

    • crawfisher says:

      I worked there for about six months, what I learned, the young professional people make a pile of money doing research or other academic work near MIT. They don’t know how the average person lives.

  2. J-West says:

    That is the sort of shit that will destroy America. It may already be too late. Trump is the only hope, but he is only one man and he has already done plenty.

    I fear what the lunatic left will do on November 4th when they wake up and realize that they have four more years of what can be described as a political acid-trip gone bad. They are insane and may do anything.

    • pigpen51 says:

      Trump could have done a lot more if he didn’t have to fight his own party on so much, during the first couple of years. The Republican party who voted so many times to get rid of Obamacare during Obama’s reign, suddenly had a case of forgetfulness when Trump hit office. The same with any other thing he wanted to do.

    • crazyeighter says:

      I expect shenanigans by Antifa and others at the polls, along with the usual chicanery in the back rooms.

  3. skipperdaddy says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but dont they have to have a DL if they are in their own fucking country?

    • oldawg says:

      Here in Texas some of our wetbacks drive like they have never operated anything but a burro with a switch. And that’s on wednesday noon when they’re mostly sober.

      • nomen nescio says:

        It’s exactly the same up here in Michigan. It doesn’t help that several municipalities have declared themselves “sanctuaries” for invaders. Cops are afraid to arrest them. We’ve also got the most expensive auto insurance in the nation, and guess who isn’t required to have any? Got it in one.

  4. NITZAKHON says:

    I grew up there (and was a liberal at the time). SOOOOOO glad I’m not there any more.

  5. Mark R says:

    Need to do a foia request and see if it’s in writing. If so, sue for equal protection. Don’t nobody need one then.

  6. SgtBob says:

    An agenda item on the next council meeting will, if passed, prohibit police from arresting any illegal alien accused of robbing a convenience store while armed with a firearm.

  7. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    The city council is dead wrong. The result of their action is to give illegal aliens greater freedom and liberty than actual citizens. They may think they can do that, but if it goes to court they’ll learn they cannot.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Sounds like discrimination based on national origin (the U.S.) to me. Pretty sure that’s illegal.

      • nomen nescio says:

        You mean like Affirmative Action?

        I hate to be That Guy but all that stuff they told you in high school Civics about this being a “nation of laws, not a nation of men” was a load of hooey, and has been at least since 1860.

        There is no law. There are only the whims of the Nine Kings in Black Robes and the Permanent Bureaucracy, enforced by the Kings’ Men, who may be recognized by the uniforms, the big shiny badges, and the big shiny guns. Welcome to Clown World. HONK HONK!

  8. unclezip says:

    I’d ditch my license just for the eventual payoff from the lawsuit.

  9. Nemo says:

    Massholia has finally gone full retard. So, if a U.S. citizen is caught driving without a license in Cambridge, does that mean the citizen is not subject to arrest either?

    So glad I left that shithole 40 odd years ago. Although, the state I moved to is getting almost as bad about some things. I guess I didn’t go far enough or the other Massholes that followed me have screwed up a once great state.

  10. pjrae54 says:

    The joke will be on the city council once they get sued by citizens harmed by the illegals. Trump pulled a masterful stroke to get that little twist in.

    • nomen nescio says:

      “Sovereign immunity.” You can’t sue the government unless it consents to be sued, and in the US that only happens when the lawsuit will erode public trust and social capital.

      Some illegal alien terrorist from Derkaderkastan straps on a suicide bomb vest and tries to blow up a nuclear power plant, and gets ventilated by the cops for his trouble? Oh, yes, his family can sue, even though the 11th Amendment clearly states that only US citizens have standing to sue in any court in the US. Live in a state with a Stand Your Ground law and get illegally arrested and put on trial after a righteous self-defense shooting because a Leftist President and Department of Justice put the squeeze on the local DA? Ha ha ha ha ha ha, no.

      Not a government of laws. No laws at all. Just the whims of the Permanent Bureaucracy and the Nine Kings in Black Robes. (“No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”)


  11. Dumbplumber says:

    Not to point out the obvious, but what about insurance. You don’t have a license, OKAY. But when you run your car into some innocent driver, who pays? Here in California, you don’t have insurance you cannot drive either.

  12. Ryan says:

    In Michigan, we have the uninsured motorist fund, so everyone gets to pay.

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